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Internal graduates should be given priority in state sector job market – Harrison

Minister P. Harrison said internal graduates should be given top priority when job seekers are recruited to the state service.

The Minister was speaking at the ceremony to hand over appointment letters to 399 internal graduates as development officers in Anuradhapura on Tuesday.

The Minister said a large number of vacancies exist in the information technology, science, fisheries industry and agriculture fields without graduates. “The Information Technology sector alone has around 90,000 job opportunities,” the Minister said.

“Our education system should be revamped to suit the present demand in the job market,” the Minister said.

“The political rivals of the government never talk about nearly one million educated youth who drive three wheelers to earn a living and 14 per cent of children in the country who suffer from acute malnutrition,” Minister Harrison said.

He said that according to the prisons’ information, around 70 per cent of inmates were involved in drugs cases and a majority of them are youth.

He said socio-economic conflicts arise as a result of severe discrepancies in the national education system.

Minister Harrison added that once the internal unemployed graduates were absorbed into the state service, the issue of unemployment of the external graduates would be duly attended, and they would not be left behind.

“No government in the world has resolved the problem of unemployment of the educated by providing them with government sector jobs alone,” the Minister said.

The Minister said the private sector should corporate with the government and vice versa to resolve the unemployment issue.

Former PC opposition leader Anil Ratnayake, and PC member Anura Buddhika Gunaratne spoke.


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