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Panther introduces ‘Amazing Animals’ puzzle set

Panther, a leading manufacturer of children’s educational toys in Sri Lanka launched the ‘Amazing’ range of puzzles, unveiling the ‘Amazing Animals’ puzzle set.

Their latest addition to the line-up of educational toys for children brings together the traditional jigsaw puzzle and technology. This is done by adding a QR code to each of the completed puzzles, once scanned, you will be transported to a wealth of information about the featured animal and more.

One of the most fascinating about our Earth are the animals that call it home. Scientists have recently estimated that there are approximately 8.7 million species on Earth. They believe that one to two million of those species are animals. And what do we know about all those species? Not much really! With the ‘Amazing Animals’ puzzle set is a fun and interactive way to learn about four of these magnificent creatures that live on our planet, namely the lion, leopard, panda and tiger.

The QR code puzzle is a first for Sri Lanka, once children put together the pieces of the puzzle a QR code which is placed on the finished image, needs to be scanned and this will take you online to learn more about the animal. The landing page will also include videos and other resources to make learning all the more fun. Children will be further challenged with more thinking puzzles to conquer and some easy to read facts about the featured animals. This will allow them to educate themselves on protecting and loving the natural environment around them.

Speaking of the launch of the new product Nihal Atukorala, Chairman, Javana Graphics the producers of Panther products said “We are excited to introduce this new product range to educate children on animals, their behaviour and their habitat in an interactive manner. This particular puzzle set combines the simple joys of practical learning with technology to ultimately help with learning about nature.”

Along with the new Amazing Animals set, over the years, Panther has created a wide variety of toys that include challenging games, puzzles, books and flashcards that all aid in making learning more fun and by doing so, making it all the more effective.

For a preview of the full range of Panther products available can be obtained at

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