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Rajarata University Undergraduate Research Symposium

Search for knowledge

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the developed scientific discoveries positively influence the respective field and usher in a revolutionary era. When it comes right down to the subject of medicine, it goes without saying that the research findings benefit the entire human race. Being a doctor does not necessarily mean that the only chore is to treat patients.

The doctors are entrusted with the responsibility of attaining the untouched horizons through prolific explorations. The industrial and technological innovative future needs advanced medical theories.

The doctors, inquisitive with sharpened skill in the medical career, will go beyond the sea successively. They will eventually rise to the topmost positions in the hierarchy reaching the proficient echelons.

With that aim in the mind, the Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences of the Rajarata University was established as the seventh Medical Faculty in Sri Lanka. Currently, the faculty carries thorough effective measures targeting advanced research knowledge among the undergraduates.

The program enables the undergraduate doctors in Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences to study research in medicine in their curriculum expanding the theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. The programme commenced in 2018.

It focuses on undergraduate students with reference to advanced modern research. The programme will be held for the second time this year. The undergraduate students have studied most problematic fields such as non-communicable diseases, psychiatry, newer aspects of anaesthesiology and surgery and microbiological investigations.

The faculty is now geared up to hold the second Undergraduate Research Symposium FMAS/RUSL-URSFMAS – 2019. Regardless of the tight schedule in Medicine curriculum, a group of undergraduates who engaged in research programme managed to obtain many opportunities in the national and international level justifying the incorporation of research in medicine to the syllabus. Community Medicine Department plays a major role in the programme.

The entire batch of 2014-2015, segmented into 32 groups, has appointed a supervisor from among the professors, lecturers and consultants of the Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences and Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura.

Under the patronage of Medicine and Allied Sciences Faculty Dean Professor Sisira Siribaddana, Community Medicine Department Head Professor Suneth Agampodi and Senior Lecturer Nuwan Wickramasinghe and other senior and junior lecturers, the symposium will be held at the faculty premises on July 19 at 10 am. The board of professional judges will appreciate research information and the winners will be awarded.

No research shall exist without research, said Kurt Lewin. Kurt Lewin is often referred to as the originator of action research although he is probably better known as the social psychologist who devised the 'field theory' of concepts otherwise known as topographical psychology.

The Rajarata University research programme sways analytical and research abilities, as well as a scientific attitude among doctors. It will certainly turn over a new leaf in the medical field and amend the international recognition for Sri Lankan health sector.

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