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Hizbullah decries clashes among sects

Eastern Province Governor M.L.A.M.Hizbullah issuing a statement said clashes among Islamists of different sects like Wahabists and Thawheeds is a dangerous precedent.

He said the demolition of a mosque by some groups following Islam by making use of the present situation in the country cannot be condoned.

The Governor expressed his position over the recent demolition of a mosque by a group of Muslims in Madatugama in Kekirawa.

“Terrorists who had created such situations want to create divisions among the Muslims through these incidents”, the Governor said.He said that answers cannot be found for the issue by being divided.

He said the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama Council; Muslim leaders and the Muslim Religious Affairs Ministry should discuss this issue at length and take a decision.

“Mosques in villages should not be demolished as per their personal consent,”he added.

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