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Suspicion over Zahran’s death

Intelligence agencies are still doubtful of the death of the National Thawheed Jamaath (NTJ) leader Zahran Hashim, said to have died in the suicide bomb attack at the Shangri-La hotel on Easter Sunday.

Intelligence agencies suspect that one suicide bomber and Zahran had come to the attack, but Zahran had not committed suicide in a bomb blast. Instead, he had fled after fixing a time bomb or detonating the bomb by remote control.

According to sources, there is a difference between footage of the dead suicide bomber and original images of Zahran. DNA tests are being conducted to confirm this fact.

It has been revealed that Zahran, the founder of the NTJ had obtained ISIS support and had worked hard to train the suicide bombers. It has also been revealed that Zahran had not named a second leader to his organization.

Intelligence agencies further said that it is impossible for him to die as a suicide attacker by giving up the activities of his organization.They believe that Zahran is still alive and might be engaging in terrorist activities under cover or in some other way.

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