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Gang in Rs 25 mn gemstone Robbery held

Police oic impersonator suspect remanded till April 22:

Four persons suspected of stealing a gemstone worth over Rs. 25 million from a gem merchant was arrested with the stolen gem in Homagama on April 14.

Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said they were arrested by the Peliyagoda Western Province (North) crimes investigation division officers following a complaint made to the Negombo police. The gem merchant had complained that the suspects had stolen the gemstone on March 24 when it was brought to a hotel in Negombo for sale. The suspects had abducted the owner and robbed the owner of the gemstone and Rs.50,000 in cash. The suspects aged 32, 34, 39, 48 are residents of Waikkala, Homagama, Bangadeniya and Wadumunnegedara areas.

The suspects had got the gem businessman to the hotel and is said to have told him that the foreign buyer is at another location and taken him in a van. Inside the van the suspects had snatched the gem stone at gunpoint from him and demanded Rs.100,000. However, the businessman had said he was not in the possession of that amount, but had obtained Rs. 50,000 from an ATM and given it to the suspects.

They had then taken the gemstone and the money and dropped off the gem merchant in an isolated street in the Negombo area and fled.

Upon investigations the Peliyagoda crimes investigation division had found that the main suspect to be a resident of Pitipana, Homagama. He had posed as the OIC of the Walana Crimes Investigation Division.

Based on information derived from investigations, the suspect was arrested near a five star hotel in Colombo on New Year’s Day by the crimes investigation division. On searching his residence, the police had also recovered the stolen gemstone. Upon interrogation of the main suspect, the rest of the gang members were arrested. According to the police, this group had been engaged in theft and extortion on a regular basis.

The suspects were produced before the Negombo Magistrate’s Court and three of them were released on bail while one suspect was remanded until April 22.

Meanwhile, the Negombo Police had arrested seven suspects with regard to the incident and of them, two suspects were released on bail and five of them were ordered to be remanded until April 22.

The crimes investigation division of Peliyagoda Western Province (North) is conducting further investigations.


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