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Archaeology Dept to conduct study at Mannar mass grave

Archaeological Department Commissioner General Dr.P.B. Mandawala said the department cannot take any decision with regard to the Mannar mass grave until a court order is issued.

He said his department will deploy a team of experts to carry out a comprehensive research, if court issues an order for a archaeological study. He said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe informed him of the report findings on Thursday evening and directed to conduct a study on the site.

Mandawala said the department has to look into the historical evidence too and made a request to the university academia engaged in archaeology to provide the department if they had any historical evidence of the site.Mannar Magistrate T.Saravanaraj yesterday ordered to stall the excavation of the mass grave.

Judicial Medical Officer Dr.Saminda Rajapaksa said this order was issued following receipt of the Beta Analytic carbon dating report on the bone samples of the Mannar mass grave.The Magistrate on Thursday ordered to make the carbon dating report public and sought detailed description on the report findings. Rajapaksa said a special discussion on the excavation of the mass grave will take place on March 20.


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