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Expert coaching assistance for export SMEs

The International Trade Centre (ITC) headquartered in Geneva is currently implementing the EU – Sri Lanka Trade-Related Assistance Project, which aims to increase trade competitiveness of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in regional and European Union (EU) markets. This 4-year EU-funded project supports improvement of SME export competitiveness and value addition in sectors with high potential for economic growth and development.

As part of the EU-Sri Lanka Trade-Related Assistance project, ITC launched a new initiative in 2018 to enhance SMEs compliance with export formalities in Sri Lanka. Due to its longstanding achievements, professionalism and commitment to support Sri Lankan enterprises, ITC is collaborating with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) to implement this initiative.

The objective of this new initiative is to provide on-the-job coaching services to SMEs to improve their export management practices. As the first step of this initiative, ITC and CCC has trained a team of 13 national Export Management Coaches (EMCs) responsible to provide on-the-job coaching services to SMEs.

These coaches will assist SMEs to identify the problems and provide solutions pertaining to following areas related to exports and thereby enhance their export competitiveness; Packaging & Labelling, Mandatory Certifications, Registrations & Buyer Standards, Customs & Duties, International Shipping by Sea & Air Freight, Export Planning & Pro Forma Invoice.

Under this SME Coaching Initiative, an Export Management Coach (EMC) appointed by ITC & CCC will visit the selected SMEs and provide in-house consultancy (coaching) services to improve their export management practices. Depending on the level of assistance required by the SME, the EMC will be willing to spend up to 5 days of his time to resolve the export management related issues of selected SMEs. Export Management Coaching services will be provided free of charge and the EMC visits can be arranged on a mutually convenient manner to suit both the EMC and the SME.

Export SMEs facing various difficulties and challenges pertaining to successful handling of their exports are eligible to receive coaching assistance free of charge.

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