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Mission of giving

Komuthi and the NIK- SS Foundation provided clothes used for nationals and lama sari to over 2000 children and sarees to 65 teachers, on December 2, 2018 in Kataragama.

Nimal C Korale joined the Komuthi Engineering Services as a high school graduate with. The experience he gathered, along with the good work relationships he built as a director enabled him to be a proficient part of Komuthi. In early 2006, Nimal acquired this corporation and became the Chairman of the organization.

With his vision of becoming a key player in the field of construction by prioritizing quality allowed Komuthi to be one of the first in the field to obtain ISO 9001: 2008. Komuthi was also one of the few organizations that attained an ICTAD (Institute of Construction Training and Development) Grade C-1 in 2011.

Komuthi realizes its obligation to the society and believes that progress is not achieved through personal growth alone. Social responsibilities must not be ignored or dismissed by businesses that aim to thrive within their field. Thus they organized a foundation called NIK Social Service Foundation ( Nimal Inoka Korale Social Service Foundation) with the help of their children Janeesha Korale and Isal Korale. Their main Corporate Social Responsibility project is focused on the Southern part of the island, specially the Katharagama area.

Though Katharagama is rich in terms of pomp, procession, piety and religious extravagance, it is also considered to be a poverty-stricken area with many underprivileged villagers and children. As the first step to make a better future for this local community, Komuthi (NIK SS Foundation) took the essential measures to help provide the necessities of a child attending Sri Sugunutissa Ayupala Dhamma School - Katharagama, conducted by Venerable Kapugama Saranatissa Thera since 2007.

In this Dhamma School there are classes from Grade 1 to Grade 10. In 2007 there were only 900 students. Now it has over 2000 students and 65 teachers. In addition to the education provided through this religious establishment, the children are also given the opportunity to showcase their skills in public speaking and activities such as singing, dancing at the end of each year.

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