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Die cast for lawmakers

The old adage says, “The watched pot never boils.’’ But, eventually every law abiding citizen in the country is convinced now that water had been boiling well in the supreme pot. The whole country had changed into a melting pot of ideas and even the Simple Simon contributed his share at the village tea-kiosk seemingly very accurately than some lawyer turned politicians and veteran parliamentarians.

Most of the people in our country are now politically mature. What they lament for now is their children’s future. They very well know that the sons and daughters of our patriotic politicians who exploit their much needed adrenalin for the sake of the country do their studies in foreign universities. Their golden logic is that there should be leaders after them to rule the country!

Love for motherland

When one spends a short holiday in a foreign country, he or she feels a great love for motherland. The very reason is that the people in the host country express their sympathy towards our country. I am sandwiched and better roasted now because whenever I meet a Sri Lankan or any citizen they sympathize with me for the sorry state of affairs in our motherland. The power hungry politicians with their shortsightedness have dragged our motherland to an unprecedented precipice.

The innocent citizens are not responsible for this calamity. But, now it is heard on numerous grapevines that people are waiting to pass a serious message to those fakirs and lebbes who ruled the country since independence and made politics a gold mine and Eldorado. An Elnino is looming over them in the dark sky.

Executive presidency and legislature

The die is cast. So, it is high time for the would be leaders to turn swords into ploughshares. Our per capita income has reached the bottom. Trade deficit is hopeless. Our foreign assets are dwindling. Brain drain is in progress.

Investors are turning a Nelsonian eye. Our image abroad has been badly tarnished. Future seems to be bleak. The executive presidency and the legislature should go hand in hand irrespective of visible and invisible differences. Democracy should be upheld at any cost. Judiciary has to march unblemished with the nation. Above all, people have to give vent to their opinions without fear or favour. Hearing of the backlog of cases in the courts should be expedited.

“This is the best of times, this is the worst of times.’’


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