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Crysbro initiates Suwa Shakthi to promote employee wellbeing

Crysbro, a forerunner in Sri Lanka’s poultry industry launched the ‘Suwa Shakthi’ program with the assistance of the regional Medical Officer of Health (MOH) at seventeen locations islandwide to promote healthy living amongst its employee base and their families.

In essence, ‘Suwa Shakthi’ program strives to ensure the wellbeing of Crysbro employees through offering initial medical checkups followed up by directing them to obtain further medical care at relevant hospitals. As part of the program, employees from all 17 areas will benefit from informative sessions designed to impart valuable tips on healthy living.

The “Suwa Shakthi” medical camps in progress. 

Crysbro dedicated the months of August and September (2018) to focus on health and safety of employees. Accordingly, the Company facilitated a number of vital medical tests such as eye checkup, blood tests, kidney function tests as well as gynecological examinations.

In addition, Crysbro plans to conduct a series of community development programs such as refurbishing hospitals and conducting maternity and pediatric clinics through the ‘Suwa Shakthi’ program.

Speaking about the program aspirations, Ranjan Mahindasiri, Manager Human Resource and Administration Crysbro said, “Encouraging our employees to adopt healthy lifestyles will directly improve their ability to contribute to the growth of the Company. Moreover, the wellbeing of their family members will too be a secondary contribution to improving employee efficiency.”

Crysbro has initiated and continues to implement a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Employee wellbeing commitments. The ‘Sisu Diriya’ program provides assistance to children of employees and the neighbouring communities to pursue academic success. The ‘Diri Saviaya’ program revolves around assisting the farming community with which CRYSBRO closely works to elevate their standard of living.

CRYSBRO’s ‘Praja Aruna’ program provides assistance to build and refurbish employees’ homes while also investing in infrastructure development in rural areas. ‘Crysbro Next Champ’ engages in introducing upcoming young athletic talent to the nation and guiding them to pursue successful careers.


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