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Anora eager to reveal her secret

Menaka Maduwanthi with Damayanthi Fonseka
Menaka Maduwanthi with Damayanthi Fonseka

Anora the second feature film made by senior artiste Hector Kumarasiri after his maiden film Abhinikmana is to be screened shortly.

Anora revolves around somewhat unusual theme that has not been adapted earlier by the local cinema.

Akash a master in Kathak is in love with Anora, his brightest pupil. While planning for wedlock Akash also strives to participate with his dance troupe at a dance festival.

Suddenly to Akash’s astonishment, his intended bride and main dancer of his troupe Anora starts avoiding practices. Being tied up with dance practices and wedding arrangements Akash makes a desperate attempt to communicate with his love.

Anora’s reluctance to meet with him and talk to him keeps Akash in a state of utter confusion. This distraction and Anora’s unavailability in dance practices lead Akash to create misunderstandings with sponsors and organizers of the dance fest. Sweeny another potential female dancer in the troupe becomes the successor to Anora. Yet her performances do not impress Akash. In the meantime Anora reveals a secret to Sweeny. Anora tells, she is undergoing a sex change and is feeling dejected. She also tells her friend, she is shy to face the world.

Without knowing Anora’s dilemma, her leftist grandfather (W Jayasiri) keeps telling her about the change took place in Russia with the leadership of V Lenin for the betterment of the federation. Anora eventually undergoes a sex-change surgery done by a compassionate doctor (Mahendra Perera) and becomes the male, Chathura.

Yet the love Akash and Anora had for each other still lingers. How will they face this situation? The film tells everything. The film has one executive producer and five assistant producers.

Anora is scripted and directed by Hector Kumarasiri. The cast includes, Menaka Maduwanthi, Nimantha Heshan, Anjali Mishra, Mahendra Perera, W Jayasiri, Wijeratne Warakagoda, Daya Wayaman, Dayadewa Edirisinghe, Gihan Fernando, Damayanthi Fonseka, Ferni Roshini and more. Camera director is Kapila Sudesh Wijesekera. Lyrics are by Prof Sunil Ariyaratne and Kshama Shirani. Music director of Anora is Shastrapathi Nimantha Heshan. Vocals are by Nimantha Heshan, Hashini Damithra and Nelka Thilini. Hector Kumarasiri the senior playwright ventured into the field of art in 1970s by first becoming a journalist in famed ‘Aththa’ tabloid. Being a leftist his first stage drama Loka Dekai Eka Minihai was based on labour unrest.

That was followed by Rajjuruwo Mun, Dadin Bidin Dong, Devlo Doni, Siyam Poottuwa, Sathara Waram Raja Daruwo, Helidarawwa and Biso.

Hector won the Presidential award for Siddhartha script in 1982.

Dikkasadaya directed by Hector being the first tele-drama of Swarnawahini featured Wijeratne Warakagoda, Menike Attanayake, Granville Rodrigo and Shirani Kumarasiri.

In 1984 Hector did the short-film Nikma Yaama having late Simon Nawagaththegama in the lead role. It became a tele-drama in later years with Granville Rodrigo in the lead role.

The popular stage drama song Ha Ha Landae that came in Biso stage drama made by Hector Kumarasiri was originally sung by Rodney Warnakula.

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