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Auto Miraj Car Care open branches in London, Dubai

Auto Miraj outlet.
Auto Miraj outlet.

Chairman and Founder, Auto Miraj Iroshan Sarathchandra said that they have planned to commence foreign operation to create a definite value in international presence to the local business.

“This thinking resulted with the opening of Auto Miraj branches in United Kingdom and two branches in Cambridgeshire and Queen Adelaide brings in blessings of world class experience to the local business. With this success we are looking at opening more branches in London.”

He also said that they have opened Auto Miraj in Oman and were looking at Dubai to open two more branches.

Sarathchandra’s business conglomeration is strengthened with the acquisition of 365 Care Homes (Pvt) Ltd. This chain of care home facility has offered working opportunities for more than 60 employees including many Sri Lankans in UK. “We are also looking at investing over Rs. 3.5 billion to build three hotels including two five star hotels in Sri Lanka.”

He said he started Auto Miraj the premier automobile maintains provider in 1994 and today has 43 outlets in Sri Lanka and is the largest service centre network in Sri Lanka covering Colombo, suburbs and the outstations. With the current capacity, Auto Miraj provides more than 1,000 jobs per day through over 1,700 employees.

He said that with more new vehicles being added to Sri Lanka the potential of vehicle maintenance industry is huge in Sri Lanka and this is why they are also expanding in Sri Lanka.

Sarathchandra said that he has introduced several new concepts to the car care industry including the spacious sitting out concept until the vehicle is attended to and also the first car hoist to service the under carriage. “In addition we have also introduced Sri Lanka’s first glass courting paint for high end vehicles which would protect it against stretches, high temperature and other harmful substances.”

I also need to thank N. Chandramohan Managing Director - Cluster 2 and A. Dharmarathne Managing Director - Cluster 3 and the dedicated staff for their assistance for my successful journey.” (SS)

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