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Australian Border Force vessel visits Sri Lanka

Ocean Shield
Ocean Shield

The Australian Border Force’s largest patrol vessel 'Ocean Shield' arrived at the Trincomalee Port today as part of an official visit to Sri Lanka recently.

This is the first visit by an Australian Border Force vessel to Sri Lanka.

It observes long-standing record of close cooperation between the two countries to stamp out people smuggling across the region.

The Ocean Shield is one of Australia’s offshore vessels that conduct far-reaching patrols and responds to illegal activities including people smuggling, illegal fishing and transnational crime. Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders Air Vice-Marshal Stephen Osborne is accompanying Ocean Shield during the visit. He said Australia is very grateful for Sri Lanka’s on-going support to combat people smuggling.

“Over the recent years, we have worked together to save many lives at sea and prevented vulnerable people being ripped off by people smugglers,” Air Vice-Marshal Osborne said.

“We value our strong relationship with Sri Lanka and this visit provides an important opportunity to advance our cooperation and share expertise on a wide range of maritime concerns.” Air Vice-Marshal Osborne said it has now been more than 1000 days since the last people smuggling boat made it to Australia.

“Australia’s borders are now stronger than ever, and our tough border protection policies are here to stay. “Australia now operates the largest and most capable maritime surveillance and response fleet Australia has ever deployed. Anyone who attempts to reach Australia illegally by boat will be detected, intercepted and turned back. “There is a right and a wrong ways to travel to Australia. I encourage anyone who is thinking of getting on a people smuggling boat - do not put your life at risk or waste your money. “Settlement in Australia will never be an option for anyone who attempts to travel to Australia illegally by boat. There are no exceptions,” Air Vice-Marshal Osborne said. 

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