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‘Step motherly treatment for R&D should be corrected soon’

The government is giving step motherly treatment to the Research and Development sector and this should be corrected soon, said Minister of Plantation Industries, Navin Dissnayake.

Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Sri Lanka Rubber Traders Association as hotel Renuka last Friday he said that the salaries of the Rubber Research Institute is very low and is not at all encouraging for the staff. “I have taken up this issue with the Treasury on many occasions but they do not value my suggestion for an increase in wagers for these researches.”

He however said that this may be one reason for the Rubber Research institute to be lagging behind in introducing

novel technology and high yielding rubber trees. “However this is not an excuse and the time is right for a change of mind set by the RRI.”

He said that he is aware of the difficulties the rubber sector is facing mainly due to the global down turn. “I am happy in the manner in which the industry is engaging with the government to find solutions for these issues.”

The Minister said that the government has several plans including growing rubber in many new areas to develop the industry and we are working with the stakeholders in this regard.”

He also said that Sri Lanka should also look at new markets and China would be one such market that has not been affected by the global down turn.

Chairman of the Association, M. S. Rahim said that the positive steps taken by the government has helped the local rubber industry to receive a minor boost. He also said that with the crude oil prices dipping synthetic rubber producing is increasing and this will have a negative impact to the local exporters.

“We feel that a further reduction or the complete removal of CESS would be another welcome move,”he said.

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