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Ministers need quality vehicles - Rajitha

The ministries did not purchase any vehicles for the past 20 years and Ministers are in need of better quality vehicles, Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said. He made this observation yesterday  at the cabinet briefing, responding to a question raised by a journalist about the Supplementary Estimate presented by the government for Rs 1.175 billion seeking approval of Parliament to purchase 32 vehicles for 30 ministers, deputy and state ministers. Millions of rupees are spent on maintenance of these vehicles therefore purchasing a better quality vehicle is more appropriate. The vehicles used by the majority of the ministries are old, he said.

The journalists raised the issue stating that government has increased the vehicle import tax for the people while giving more concessions to the Ministers. They also emphasized that Ministers need a standard system in purchasing vehicles.

“Ministers have to travel a lot and the vehicle should be in a good working condition. In Sri Lanka it is the Minister who has to look into every issue pertaining to their ministry. And the processes of purchasing vehicles are done in a proper and legal manner unlike the former government” Minister Senaratne said.

When he was asked why politicians cannot set an example by reducing the quota, Minister Senaratne said that Ministers do not expect luxury vehicles but they are in need of quality vehicles due to the condition of the roads in some areas.

“Some roads are in a very bad condition. The ministers cannot travel to those areas in normal vehicles. They need four wheel vehicles with high engine capacity,”he said.

He also said that they will consider about the supplementary estimation presented to the government.



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