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Fire at Kosgama army camp - UPDATED


UPDATE (9.45PM): A casualty has been admitted to the Avissawella Hospital a short while ago, Avisawella Hospital told the Daily News Online.


UPDATE (9.00PM): All schools and government offices in the Avissawella electorate will be closed tomorrow (6 June) due to fire at the Kosgama Army Camp, President Maithripala Sirisena stated.


UPDATE (8.55PM): Army Commander states that the fire has been prevented from being spread beyond the army camp and requested the residents in the area not to panic.

A fire broke out at the armoury of the Sri Lanka Army camp in Kosgama, Avissawella  around 6pm this afternoon, police  officials told Daily News Online. 
The fire had reportedly started around 6pm while loud exploding sounds had been heard by area residents. 
The High Level Road from Hanwella to Kosgama was closed off for traffic, while residents within a 6km radius of the Kosgama Army camp were evacuated by security personnel as a safety precaution.
The reason for the fire is still unknown, while no casualties have been reported yet. The public is requested not arrive in the area to observe the fire as it would hinder current efforts. 
Assistance of the Tri-forces was also called in to control the fire at the armoury. The Sri Lanka Air Force has deployed aircrafts to monitor the situation while firefighting personnel and vehicles have also been deployed. 
Issuing a message through twitter Deputy Minister of Parliament Reforms & Mass Media Karu Paranawithana requested the public to be responsible and not spread gossip regarding the fire.


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