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Google Street View photographer Felix Steck to shoot in Sri Lanka

Google Street View’ Trusted expert photographer, Felix Steck.

‘Google Street View’ trusted expert photographer, Felix Steck, was recently in Sri Lanka to shoot several images of Sri Lankan businesses for Google See Inside.

Felix Steck is an award-winning street view trusted photographer and has been identified as a top performer by Google. A German photographer with over 25 years of industry experience, he specialises in hotel photography and corporate identity, enabling virtual tours of spaces for digital walkthrough experiences. Steck has covered nearly all the photography of hotel conglomerate, Kempinski Hotel Group which operates 75 five-star hotels in 30 countries and is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance.

During his stint in Sri Lanka, Steck will photograph several leading hotels. Among them are Cinnamon Hotels such as Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lake, Hikka Tranz, Cinnamon Bey, Cinnamon Wild, Cinnamon Lodge and Palm Paradise. In addition, leading corporate establishments such as MillenniumIT will also be photographed for Google See Inside.

Felix Steck was in Sri Lanka representing Avant Premiere for ‘Google See Inside’. Accompanying Steck around Sri Lanka were also photographers from Avant Premiere, the authorised service providers of ‘Google Street View’ in Sri Lanka. It was a further sharpening of their inherent skills as he shared his expertise and trained them on the job at every location across Sri Lanka.

‘Google See Inside’ offers the indoor version of ‘Google Street View’, inviting customers into the interiors of hotels, schools and other business establishments through the lens of a Google-Trusted photographer equipped to photograph business see inside interiors. Customers can now experience a location even before they arrive. ‘Google See Inside’ allows businesses to improve their business listing on the Google search engine and ensures greater visibility on Google Maps.

The Company provides total event management solutions and brings together nearly 20 years of industry experience. Avant Premiere has also been official event management partners for Red Bull Sri Lanka and managed events such Red Bull Campus Cricket World Finals 2013, Red Bull Ride My Wave 2014, Red Bull Kart Fight 2015 and upcoming World Surf League 2016 in Arugam Bay.

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