The destruction caused by the Syrian civil war which over the past five years.- AFP


Not a day seems to pass without our hearing of a bombing either in Iraq or Syria or Yemen or somewhere else in the Middle East and the international community appears to be helpless to stop this carnage; no less than twenty eight million are said to have been displaced from their homes. On May 11 almost one hundred innocent people were killed in Iraq. Iraq, which during the time of Sadam Hussain was a relatively stable country, even though not a western style Democracy, is today considered a failed state.

Let us try to trace how this tragedy came about. It was, without doubt, the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the US that started it all; the US has paid a terrible price for this criminal act which was opposed even by pro US countries such as France and Germany, and also by Russia and China.

Over four thousand US troops had been killed and sixty thousand wounded and over three thousand soldiers, who returned from the war, are said to be suffering from mental disorders. This of course is besides the trillions of the US taxpayers’ money spent on the war and being spent thereafter as a consequence; we must of course not forget that one man’s expenditure is another’s income, the US Arms Bazaar never had it so good in recent times.

US invasion of Iraq

The decision by Bush to invade Iraq was a crime against his own people considering the suffering he has brought on his own people by this monstrosity. The decision to invade Iraq, it has now been conceded, had been based on false presumptions and rumours, for instance it was claimed that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction. There was also the story that many interested parties, including the ‘Arms Bazaar’ of course, had spread linking Sadam to the 9/11 attacks without any proof of such a ‘link’, for it was in their business interest to do so.

More than 200,000 Iraqis are said to have perished as a result of the invasion and a further two million rendered homeless; a few thousand others had migrated to countries including Sweden. It had been a mindless act which spawned a war, which has spread and engulfed the entire Middle East, with Shias fighting the Sunnis, the Wahabis, the Kurds and many other new insurgent groups fighting each other; yes they have set fire to the Middle East; in this regard it is relevant to remember the cavalier attitude that was displayed by Donald Rumsfeld when he sought to justify the war.

War crimes and crimes against humanity

The other man who has got away with it, besides Bush is of course is Blair, both should also be charged for war crimes and crimes against humanity, but Blair together with the US government have prevented both the Chillcot Report and the Cooper Report on the Iraq war from being released. It was recently reported that the Chillcot Report would be released in July but that would be the day!

It was indeed foreign intervention, for stupid reasons, that tore apart a relatively stable country and what is worse is that no one takes responsibility, though it is admitted by those who ‘committed the crime’ that, as stated earlier, the invasion had been based on false presumptions and rumours, for instance that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction. Today the country is in an absolute mess; corruption is said to be unbelievable, with those in power looting public funds and robbing the country dry. Political analysts anticipate the possibility that the people will rise up as they did recently, when they marched in their thousands into the Green Zone (the walled city which houses the Iraqi government).

Though the British PM recently stated the most corrupt countries in the world are Nigeria and Afghanistan, Iraq is no better; Corruption is endemic and the economic crisis facing the country will pauperize it further and that would see the eventual takeover of the country by the ISIS; thanks to the American invasion to restore Democracy in Iraq!

What a laugh.

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