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LAUGFS Eco Sri opens fixed testing centre

LAUGFS Eco Sri Limited recently opened its 86th Fixed Vehicle Emission Testing (VET) center in Balangoda, bringing convenient access to Vehicle Emission Testing facilities for the motorists in Balangoda and surrounding localities.

This is the 5th new centre to open this year, as Eco Sri embarks on a rapid expansion strategy to provide easy accessibility to Vehicle Emission Testing, mandatory for the annual renewal of revenue licenses.

Eco Sri, a pioneer in air quality management, opened Sri Lanka's first ever Vehicle Emission Testing Centre in Gampaha in 2008. Today, it operates an expansive network of 86 fixed testing centers and over 25 mobile testing units serving over 150 mobile locations throughout the country.

The Vehicle Emission Testing program in Sri Lanka is implemented and monitored by the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) in collaboration with Air Resource Management Center (AirMAC) and the Ministry of Environment.

"Vehicle emission testing helps keep the vehicle emission levels under control by prompting vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles in optimal performance conditions.

This not only helps maintain acceptable standards of emissions but also improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle", said Damayantha Dharmasiriwardhane, the CEO of LAUGFS Eco Sri explaining some of the benefits of the Vehicle Emission Testing program.

VET also brings social and environmental benefits of clean air, which has a long-term impact on our country. Air pollution is one of the most serious global issues that confronts humanity.

"The economic benefits of fuel efficiency resulting from a well maintained vehicle leads to reduced fuel consumption, " said Dharmasiriwardhane, elaborating further on the benefits of Vehicle Emission testing for the country.

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