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Pseudo intellectuals and literary giants

It seems that some narrow-minded so called intellectuals of the country have hired some newspapers, both Sinhala and English, and also some electronic media these days to push Sri Lanka into an abysmal despair due to known and unknown reason to most of the readers and political enthusiasts.

When we trace back of the history they have written in the annals of parliamentary and other constitutional affair the reader is driven home that what they have done throughout is to become traitors to their own motherland and earning a quick buck of a few dollars from international conspirators.

In my view, yet they have not rendered a yeoman service to our country towards the cause of the emancipation of the downtrodden masses. The irony is that they are the very products of the honest sweat that has wetted this soil from time immemorial. As the intellectuals at the global level their bounden duty is to exploit their intellectual capacities for the betterment of the country. It is quite evident to me that they have been offered doctorates on politics, conflict studies, international relations a many other disciplines by foreign universities in order to made them cat’s paws in the developing countries when and where their spy service is required. In some countries this category of writers are expelled for the good of the forward march of the nation.

The million dollar problem is that this tribe of Dick Juckey like intellectuals go into liberation at times and come out from their hiding and slumber when they are commanded by their high hands to take the pen to ruin the posterity for easy rule of their governments. One such intellectual was fully stripped off in public by angry crowds when he visited the general hospital when the late Lalith Athulathmudali was struggling for life is inconsistent. They change very easily.

The crux of the matter with regard to the current political scenario in Sri Lanka is that once I was in the audience given by him and I was utterly disgusted and angry over his nefarious effort to rekindle the flame of ultra-nationalistic urge on the eve of the forthcoming general election. I wonder from what universities and for what purposes these pseudo intellectuals have been given doctorates. This could be the international conspiracy that firebrand vociferous and ebullient politicos are lecturing about at their hustings.

Otherwise I fail to realize whether there is any other conspiracy against this country which is very insignificant on the map of the world. The Western countries that they raise their finger at have their own fish to fry. On the other hand what I am not able to understand is that after each and every election defeat the disgruntled politicians leave for America, UK or New Zealand or Norway as they visit their second homeland. Most of the politicians that these political analysts praise and promote send their children for higher education to those countries. Even they get medicine and undergo surgeries in those countries could anyone enlighten me on this matter for my own knowledge. The pseudo intellectual observes and commentators are very vigilant and would like to see these traitor political analysts go into the political dustbin for their nemesis done to the nation. The tramp of ultra-nationalism is invalid at this election, because the voter’s political maturity is at dizzy heights. In Sri Lanka the voter is not illiterate. He reads and writes well.

So called literary giants of the bygone era appear as specters on the hustings here and there in the island to open their decayed teeth to the voter whose dental health is very sound now. In addition to their literary. Writing they get mixed with politics and get their names tarnished in the face of the public. William Shakespeare, Hector Hugh Munro, Joh Keats, Earnest Hemmingway. T S Eliot and most of the globally acclaimed writers poets and playwrights did not enter the political arena. Yet, they did their duty by people taking their favourite genres as a vehicle. For instance, Fedrico Garcia Lorca put Catholicism and capitalism under his hummer very artistically in his plays at a superb level.

The veteran playwright Gunasena Gallappathy deserves my encomium for giving , the opportunity to view Garcia’s Yerma in ‘Muhuduputtu’, Garcia vehemently criticized how capitalism exploited the proletariat in Spain in a very dramatic manner. His service as a literary figure to his nation goes down in the tapestry of Spanish literature in particular and world literature in general. “The House of Bernanda Alba” and his “Blood wedding” should essentially be taken to the small screen to promote the spirit of the proletariat in order to form the necessary mindset of the people for future Sri Lanka. In so far as these political analysts and literary giants attack the nation with blunt weapons.

When the worker reads history they will have to hide somewhere to protect their genitals and the redness of these monkeys jump high on trees.

The phonographic fictions created by these half-baked now septuagenarian literary giants are not their own literary acumen, but the authentic carbon copies of the west.

When we make a profound study into the vast literature created by Mark Twain, Hemmingway, T S Eliot, Jane Auston, Dikens and other writers we realize that our writers have distorted their elements and have made a futile attempt to put them in new bottles in Sri Lanka. Time he is opportune to divulge all these duplicities to the rising generation of Sri Lanka and it could be a praiseworthy crusade by the nation.

To clinch over this piece of writing I would like to remind our pseudo-intellectuals and literary giants to think twice on the line of Mandela written in his “Long Walk to Freedom.”

“In South Africa it is hard for a man to ignore the needs of the people”

In Sri Lankan context it is high time for you to turn swords into ploughshares.

The intellectuals of the nation have to take their pens.

“Not to praise Brutal, but to kill him.”

“Forewarned is forearmed.”