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Beyond absolute idealism

The exhibition called ‘Text’ is an attempt to go beyond or move beyond the alienation we experience in relation to the Objective World through the approach of Absolute Idealism, Materialism and Psycho-Analysis.

This exhibition is an attempt to go beyond or move beyond the world as we experience through sensory perception and to dive into the realm of speculation and, by doing so, to try and attain a spiritual understanding of a world that lies behind phenomena. This may also be termed as an attempt to go beyond the confines of art and religion.z_p26-Beyond-02.jpg

This exhibition explores certain ideas of western philosophy. Among these is the notion that art, when viewed as a means or the primary form used to attain the Absolute Spirit or Self-Realization, has reached its limits and the role of art in this has ended. To go beyond on the path of Self-Realization or attaining the Absolute Spirit, the contemporary way is the path of Philosophy.

In the contemporary world we could see the broadening of philosophy rather than of art. Therefore at this time, as an artist I have to clarify various dimensions that are not empirical in this alienated objective world and the connection my soul has to this reality. At each moment, through the conceptual world, across various fantasies I reach reality or in other words the connection my soul (subject) has with the objective world. These are looked at from the point of view of philosophical discourse described previously. Using art as the form and philosophical discourse as the base to create a political discourse is my aim. Therefore this exhibition is a discourse on philosophy using the form of art.

Many claims are made on the hidden or inaccessible aspects of both art and the artist. Looked at from the point of view of philosophy as currently being discussed, since art itself is considered a fantasy, the base on which such claims of possessing hidden or inaccessible aspects are made looks increasingly weak.

One may say that through this exhibition, instead of asking questions about objects in this world, questions are asked about the questioner-the one asking the questions. The question that is asked is “who or what are you?” A broad study is made of the “spirit”. In the end it would seem that this spirit is a void and that its centre does not exist within the person. Rather it exists in the “other” and one’s control has left one and has been absorbed in the “other”.

A world consisting of fantasies is created both within consciousness and within space as a result of the Negativity that exists in the Absolute Spirit. These objects may manifest themselves in front of us either as spiritual or in the object spirit forms. One continuously ventures out through these fantasies. Initially viewed the Objective World and Objective Spirit create various forms of confusion and fear. At times this world laughs at me. At times it leads me into various conflicts. It creates various images. At other times it tries to kill me. However since we do not possess the quality or ability of self-consciousness we fail to realize that this world about which we entertain feelings of alienation is in fact a projection of our inner selves-our souls. Opening ceremony is at the Lionel Wendt Gallery on the October 9 at 5pm and will remain open till October 11.