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Oracle geard to cater to cloud adoption applications

Jasbir Singh


Oracle Corporation has recorded a total GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles) revenue of US $ 38.2 billion for the Financial Year 2015. It was further mentioned that that they have gathered 765 new ERP, SCM and EPM customers globally for the our that quarter of the financial year 2016.

Cloud ERP/SCM Corporation Applications Vice President Jasbir Singh countries like Sri Lanka are moving into cloud bases like many of the larger companies in the world.

He said that up coming Sri Lankan companies prefer consuming data centres as opposed to building them. It was mentioned that Sri Lanka has a US $ 25 to 35 million market worth in cloud adoption.

He stated that in countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh where there are many upcoming companies the adoption rate is greater even though the market is not as large as other countries.

Singh said their success in the market is due to their offering of a more comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services and engineers systems that are necessary for the constantly evolving market.

“Today it terms of business development the market is moving away from traditional business models.

We offer them the benefit of using software that is developed and hosted by us through our cloud service.

We currently have more than 600 applications in our cloud base that are there for the benefit of our customers,” he said.

He stated that with the service Oracle provides their customers large or small will be able concentrate on doing their business rather than focusing on investing on building software and data centres. It was mentioned that Oracle has a 195 data centre that aid them in their services.

“Our materials are designed for the Millennials who wants to access their data, there applications from a number of different devices where ever they go, this is why our product has gained popularity. We have recorded a 68% growth globally last year.

Oracle Corporation today has more than 420,000 customers including 100 of the Fortune 100 and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries. 



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