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SPORTS LETTER: A compliment to Virat Kohli

As one who was engrossed in the current England/India cricket series it may be interesting to mention about Virat Kohli the Indian captain, the world’s best batsmen at present who shows an arrogant look on the field and the celebration he does when a wicket falls running from one end of the field to the other. The emotion and the pressure he expresses is as if he has won the World Cup, something not done by other captains.

Seeing him on TV acting like this makes most cricket fans here dislike him and the team.

At the end of the day however at the post match presentation after the 4th test although India lost the match after a thrilling day and also thereby lost the series 3-1 he showed what a great sportsman he is when he gave full credit to the English team and said they were truly outplayed by a better team in spite of their close defeats.

His speech was eloquent, flawless and so audible that it even outdid the English captain Joe Root who was interviewed after that. There were no ifs and buts in his speech as done generally by losing captains.

His close friend, the former South African captain AB de Villiers has also said about his fighting and arrogant looks on the field but off the field he is just a simple down to earth friendly guy possibly mistaken by many on account of his attitude on the field.

Well done VK hope this may change the mind set of many.

- Duleep Casie Chetty


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