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Prof. Vitharana invites Viggy to join LSSP

Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) Leader Prof. Tissa Vitharana invited Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vigneswaran to join his party, yesterday.

He was addressing the media at the N.M. Perera Memorial Centre in Borella. Vitharana said that if the Tamil National Party (TNA) did not want a politician of Vigneswaran’s calibre, the LSSP would welcome him to its fold as he admired left-wing politics.

He said the LSSP would also invite Northern Provincial Council Opposition Leader S. Thavarasa to join the party as he too, was looking for a new political path based on left-wing politics.

Vitharana said the LSSP had an office in Jaffna, adding that the two politicians from North could help streamline its activities and gather support for the LSSP in the North, if they were would take the offer.

Vitharana said politicians such as Vigneswaran should be given their due place in the political sphere, as they could serve the country in a pragmatic manner. 


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