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[CITIZENS' Mail - (11-09-2018)]

President’s statement proves his honesty

I was very astonished to hear the President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent statement at a national awards ceremony held at the parliamentary complex to felicitate the state institutions for their high level performances that he was ready to impose the death penalty on those who have abused and misused the public assets and state funds.

From this grievous statement we could clearly understand how colossally the public assets and state funds have been misused by the past and present politicians. Those politicians whoever they may be, should be ashamed and should have thought of committing suicide by themselves after hearing the president’s statement.

At this juncture, the president’s anxiety of deploring corruption and abusing of public property is very much laudable and his statement proves that he is an honest, loyal and clean politician to lead this country.

Z.A.M. Shukoor



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