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Drought in Anuradhapura

Thousands affected by water scarcity

Three hundred thousand people in Anuradhapura had been affected by the limited water supply from the Nuwara Wewa, due to the prevailing drought.

Anuradhapura Government Agent R.M. Wanninayake had requested the Mahaweli Water Management Committee Director to provide and additional 5,000 acre-feet of water to the Nuwara, Tissa and Thuruwila tanks.

Three thousand tanks had run dry recently, affecting 22 Divisional Secretariat (DS) divisions, with the Mahawilachchiya DS division being the most-affected. Divisional Secretary E.A. Tilakaratne told the Daily News that of the 6,000 farmer families there, 4,000 were being provided with drinking water through bowsers. 


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