UNP challenges JO to topple Govt. | Daily News

UNP challenges JO to topple Govt.

Law and Order and Public Administration and Management Deputy Minister Nalin Bandara while noting that the government was neither scared nor interested in the JO protest planned for today, challenged the JO to topple the government.

“We have no fear or no interest about this protest. They have boasted on several occasions that they will bring a large crowd to Colombo and topple the government. We challenge them to do so if possible. These is mere rhetoric’s to hoodwink the people,” he added.

“But we are sure that people are not so foolish or gullible to fall for their gimmicks and join the planned protest,” Bandara said. “This is not the first time that JO members held a protest march to Colombo. But, none of previous protest marches were a success. This protest too is doomed to be a failure like the previous ones,” he added.



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