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September 5, V Day or D Day?

It is reported that people will be gathering on September 5 to demonstrate against the elected government to resign. Whether it will achieve its objective is left to be seen. However, the bottom line truth of this show is to topple this government and bring in a government to squash or sweep under the carpet cases or set free those who are accused of murder, fraud, theft, waste etc. and convince the hoi polloi, all these accusation or allegations are to take revenge. If that is the hidden agenda, should masses support?

Our people are politically immature and easily duped by those with a gift of the mouth to believe. So the rot will continue, the government which follows will accuse the present government of the same allegations, paying little or no attention to develop the country. So the merry-go-round will go on with the Papara Band.

Who suffers? We the rice and Pol Sambol eating natives.

G. A. D. Sirimal


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