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[CITIZENS' Mail - (29-08-2018)]

Controversy over the SWRD statue

There had been several letters in the press and news items in the electronic media on the sale/lease of lands to the Chinese. One such is the outright sale of the most, precious, scenic, strategic, valuable land which was once the Head Quarters of the Sri Lanka Army at Galle Face and also where the statue of the most respected and honoured political leader, the founder of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) S W R D Bandaranaike stands.

It is very strange, politicians of the SLFP and also his two daughters, Chandrika and Sunethra, who have vowed to carry out SWRD policies, have not made vehement protests when this outright sale was negotiated.

Does this mean the hotel Shangri la owners of this land will make this statue a tourist attraction? He was a political leader who ushered in a different political culture embracing the common man.

Is Sri Lanka so poor that she has to sell this land to feed her people? Whatever it is, it may be too late to cancel the sale or negotiate for a long-term lease, as the company which has purchased has started constructing this luxury Hotel.

Under the circumstances, it is best to relocate the statue in a prominent place in the city, unless of course, the sale includes the Statue as well.

Gardiarachchige Sirimal



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