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Tribute to Sri Lankan women

Chris Burgess, an international photographer associated with many leading hollywood blockbuster movies such as Gladiator, Batman Begins, Band of Brothers, Harry Potter and Star Wars: The Force Awakens amongst others, recently joined forces with local Cause Marketing Agency Vision1 and ethical fashion label STHRI by Selyn to collaborate on an empowerment passion project in tribute to the Sri Lankan woman.

In celebration of International Women’s Week, the collaboration launched a special online photo gallery - "STHRI”, that celebrates diversity; a project executed with the goal of inspiring and uplifting women across the island to take pride in themselves without conforming to superficial social norms. The online exhibition consists of portraits of women and girls of all religions, ethnicities, ages, shapes, social backgrounds and communities who volunteered to be a part of the campaign and spread the message of self-love.

The project was inspired when Burgess noticed a recent whirl of derogatory advertisements that objectify women and perpetuate superficiality in the eyes of the local audience. From digital advertisements to billboards, some brands take the phrase “any publicity is good publicity” too much to heart. However, these controversial campaigns didn’t go unspoken about – social media users have begun to stand together and rally against the sexism that‘s easily dismissed in a predominantly patriarchal nation.

Married to a Sri Lankan and raising their daughter in Colombo, the current discriminatory gender-toxic environment in the country doesn’t sit quite well with Chris. “My mother brought my two brothers and sister up while working as a full time Sister in a large hospital specializing in cancer in children. I always admired her strength and warmth. I'm especially sensitive to the underpinning of women in advertising and the workplace. I'm also married to a talented, strong woman and my daughter is growing up in a household that encourages free spirited thinking. There is a movement right now of equality and it's up to us to carry that torch for the next generation. We're moving forward in attitude and understanding that we as humans are capable of anything and not limited to gender specific roles,” Burgess said.

He pitched his interest in changing the narrative to Vision1 who spearheaded the creative idea and introduced Chris to Selyn Handlooms, one of Sri Lanka’s only Fair Trade guaranteed organisations known for its woman-power practices. The ethical brand founded with the philosophy of women’s empowerment recently introduced a sub-brand, “Sthri”, an empowered fashion collective that benefits disadvantaged rural women.

The empowerment exhibit will be launched on International Women’s Day along with a bold, inspirational social media video featuring the volunteer models. The project’s intention is to spread the message that being yourself unapologetically is the best version of you. The gallery can be viewed at


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