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COMBANK sets new ATM withdrawal record on Dec 17

 The Commercial Bank of Ceylon dispensed an astounding Rs 50.769 billion in cash through its automated teller machines (ATMs) in December 2017, setting a new record and achieving an important milestone in such disbursements.

The 750-terminal network processed more than eight million withdrawal requests over the 31 days of the month at an average of over 258,000 transactions a day, emphatically reaffirming its reliability, the Bank said.

As the country prepared to celebrate Christmas and the dawn of the new year, transactions peaked on the December 22(Rs 2.37 billion), December 29 (Rs 2.16 billion) and December 8( Rs 2.15 billion), totalling Rs 6.69 billion on those three days alone, with the network processing more than 911,000 requests for cash.

On 10 of th e 31 days of the month, Commercial Bank ATMs dispensed more than Rs 1.75 billion per day, and on 23 days withdrawals exceeded Rs 1.5 billion a day, the Bank disclosed.

However, the record for cash dispensed in a single day on the Bank’s ATM network still stands at Rs 2.79 billion, set on April 7, 2017. 


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