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Complaints galore

On December 6, a reader opened our eyes to unfair practices. What he meant was corruption.

Let us take case by case. Look at the government servants of important departments. They use luxury BMWs and posh Mercedes Benzs wallowed in a standard state salary. Isn’t there anyone to question them at sight? Why cannot the Bribery Commission take a run along Colombo Fort and Battaramulla to do the needful as ordinary folk will not dare question them on several grounds?

The ordinary people are released by courts on bail. They will be held to the closing time - pay a santhosam or wait till next day to get released all manoeuvred by officials to get paid. When it comes to import, the importer will be fleeced all round by officials. The officials from top to bottom will share the collection and drive home in a limousine.

Where could we go with all these complaints?

H Wickremasinghe


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