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NCP gets special ayurveda centres to treat kidney diseases

A special kidney disease treatment centre and a clinic will be set up this year at every ayurveda hospital in the North Central Province.

Three units were already opened initially at the Padaviya, Rambewa, and Anuradhapura Ayurveda Hospitals in January.

All 45 ayurveda hospitals in the province will get centres in 2018 on the instructions of North Central Chief Secretary H.M.P. Bandara, Provincial Health Secretary Saman Bandulasena, and Provincial Ayurvedic Commissioner Dr. Kumara Alwis.The centres will treat patients in accordance with the ayurveda treatment methodology being used at the CKDu Care Project Clinic and Treatment Unit that has healed CKDu (Chronic Kidney Diseases of Uncertain Aetiology) patients and other types of renal ailments during the past two years. Western and Ayurveda doctors led by Dr. Nishantha Kumarasinghe, a senior lecturer at the Kotelawala Defence University will monitor the projects.

The treatment methodology has been taken from ancient prescriptions that Dr. Kumarasinghe inherited from the late Ven. Waharaka Abhayarathanalankada Thera, a renowned ayurveda physician. Dr. Kumarasinghe highlighted the bona fide of the medicine at a recently held meeting in the province.

He said the same would be introduced to the 45 ayurveda hospitals and Provincial Ayurveda Commissioner Dr. Kumara Alwis would coordinate the programme. Provincial Health Secretary Saman Bandulasena said the treatment would be promoted assisted by Dr. Nishantha Kumarasinghe and his colleagues.

The Padaviya, Rambewa and Anuradhapura Ayurveda General Hospitals and the Thambuttegama Thelhiriyawa Provincial Ayurveda Drugs Manufacturing Plant were entrusted to produce medicine using 23 rare herbs and other ingredients.

The project will cost Rs. 2.5 million apart from the infrastructural aspect, the Provincial Health Secretary said.


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