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[CITIZENS' Mail - (26-12-2017)]

Plight of travelling on route 155

If ever there is a cussed route operated by the private bus operators, the above will easily secure first place for the following.

No tickets are issued. Overcrowding is where animals are transported to have more free space. No bells so that infirm and elderly passengers are over carried. Seats removed to accommodate more standing passengers. Time tables are non-existent resulting in stops at the Town Hall for as long as the bus crew determine, so that they could make or receive telephone calls and read the papers. On the return trip the same is true opposite the Bambalapitiya flats. You dare not question why they remain halted for so long even though over packed in the stifling heat with widows that cannot be opened. The intimidating answers if you dare to question will be met with “Get down and take a trishaw if you are in a hurry. No name boards in the rear and not lit up at night.

Which authority is responsible for all this? The Ministry of Transport? The Department of Motor Vehicle Registration? The Transport Commission? The answer lies with the CTB. Why does the CTB not operate more buses on this route? Room for obvious suspicion. Why isn’t the controlling authority looking into this? One does operate at about 7.15 p.m. which passes Dehiwala. For the rest of the day they are “non est”. They have left the field open for this state of affairs.

The dear President of the LPBOA will yelp for help and increase in fares even if the price of a screw goes up. Has he thought of the plight and obligations towards the passengers whose fares pay his salary? No a brass farthing!

This is written on behalf of thousands of helpless passengers left at the mercy of a few scoundrels. Will this also like all other problems in the country require action by the President? Responsible officials must retire if they cannot act.

Jagath Perera



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