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[CITIZENS' Mail - (19-12-2017)]

The coconut fiasco

The TV viewers would have seen a mockery of Bandula Gunawardena. MP holding three coconuts and castigating the government for the high price of coconuts. This brought to my mind another reason for the short fall in the production, apart from fragmentation of vast acres of coconut land and the drought which we experienced.

This same Bandula Gunawardena, MP for the slightest provocation, goes to Kovils and dash coconuts invoking the deities seeking vengeance on the government for certain actions taken which he considers not favourable. Readers will remember, he once requested all Lankans to dash coconuts, which would mean 21 million (population in Sri Lanka) coconuts being dashed, an utter wastage and mockery.

Perhaps the deities, may be angry for disturbing their peace in bringing frivolous and meaningless prayers and had decided to teach a lesson, brought about this shortfall in production.

So, this foolery, or the entertainment by Members of Parliament will go on at the end we who are considered morons, have to grin and bear, making the poor man’s pol sambol and rice, a luxury.

This goes for grinding chillies at Seenigama Devale, as a kilo of green chillies has risen to Rs.1000.

Gardiarachchi Sirimal



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