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Fire crackers

Fire crackers are paper made money changed into fire. The practice prevails all over the world, to exhibit thrill on festivals and celebrations. The more the sound, the more response and welcome it receives. A spontaneous pleasure, and instantly, all over.

On a fireworks display in open spaces, it makes people happy. They like to see features to stay, to see it instantly disappear like a dream, pity! In other words, their hopes end like a dream come untrue.

This practice is a continuity, of a grand old practice. Money is burnt, billions of money is wasted for nothing but for explosion with a loud noise.

Those who refrain from this practice, save vast amounts of money. For them, calm peaceful celebrations on festivals take place.

So, let’s shift from this fire cracking tradition, save and spend for beneficial and gainful purposes thereby, help ourselves and the nation. It is a risk taking experience to crack fire. Why play with fire.

The state media and the private sector media should counsel people to keep away from this age old practice, and save billions worth of money. This old habit should be discouraged. Billions going to the hands and coffers of just a few manufacturers and companies could be turned around to common, public interest welfare. This should be encouraged.

S M Fahim Latiff


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