Friday, January 3, 2014 (All day)


Arrest reports baseless'
Typical of diaspora disinformation campaign

The agenda of the Tamil Diaspora in Canada and the pro-LTTE lobby to discredit Sri Lanka with false propaganda once again surfaced with reports being published in the Canadian media stating that Sri Lankan born Canadian MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan had been placed under arrest in the Jaffna peninsula, Deputy External Affairs Minister Neomal Perera said yesterday.

Referring to the reports as baseless the Deputy Minister said, "This is typical of their disinformation campaign. They use their sophisticated international media network to spread stories like this."

"In this case they have tried to use the visit of Jaffna born Canadian Parliamentarian Rathika Sitsabaiesan, who had made many statements in support of the LTTE's separatist Eelam project for more than seven years," he said.

"She could be a hired hand of these elements. We have no reason to place her under arrest. She is in the country on a tourist visa and visited Jaffna and met some local MPs there. Most of them were former supporters of the LTTE," he said.

"She is an MP who wanted to safeguard her Tamil vote base in Canada. She did not come to Sri Lanka because she loved the Tamil public. It is said that she is to submit a report on the the lives of Tamils in this country and the development activities in Sri Lanka."

"In the event she submits a report it is bound to be biased. It will have no impact on the international community.

She has been a supporter of the pro- LTTE Tamil Diaspora," the Deputy Minister said. As a responsible politician she could have denied these reports about her arrest while she was in the country. Now that she has left the country, I hope that she will deny them once she is in Canada," he added. 


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