Saturday, October 19, 2013 (All day)

Elephant management plan being formulated

The Wildlife Conservation Department (WCD) is formulating an elephant management plan covering the entire country aiming to mitigate the human-elephant conflict, a WCD Spokesperson told the Daily News yesterday. She said the Department hopes to implement the plan by next year.

The spokeman said the plan is being drafted by the Department, after extensive studies in elephant roaming areas, their habitats and patterns.

She said the data collected from the elephant census carried out last year has also been utilized in formulating the plan.

According to the spokesman, the number of elephant deaths as result of the human-elephant conflict is about 200-250 per year, while about 50- 60 lives of people are lost due to this conflict every year.

She said the management plan has given special attention to the areas where the human-elephant conflict has aggravated during the past few years. She said the construction of electric fences to an extent of 1,800Km has been completed, adding that the department hopes to construct electric fences to a total length of 2,100 Km by next year. A total of 500Km is to be covered this year. 


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