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CHOGM is a win - win

I appreciate the President's decision to host the Commonwealth Heads of Governments meeting in Sri Lanka. Despite several obstacles locally and internationally, holding the meeting in November shows his great attitude and commitment. Sri Lankans should be proud of hosting such a great event, which will portray the country's post war development and reconciliation programmes to the world.

At a time when various inimical forces are trying to tarnish the country's image, hosting such a massive meeting, is a major achievement. It is a great opportunity that Sri Lanka has got to host 53 Heads of States to witness first-hand what is really happening in the country, without being misled by the propaganda of anti-Sri Lankan forces.

I think it is the most significant platform to convince the various governments in the world, especially the Western power blocks of the reality in Sri Lanka.

A meeting such as CHOGM will give a clear image of our country as about 3000 delegates will be present.


Water - the wonder of creation

Water which is a symbol of life, should be used with care, preventing pollution, wasting and over exploitation. I wish to share a few significant facts concerning water to underline its importance.

a) 96.3 percent of the earth's water, which is critical in many ways to life everywhere is found in the oceans.

b) Accordingly, fresh water amounts to only 3.7% of the water supply.

c) We could live without food for more than a month, but we cannot live without water for more than a week.

d) A human body consists of 75% water, which is equivalent to 11 gallons.

e) Our brains which enable us to think, also consist of 75% water.

f) Water is the earth's thermostat and the thermal regulator of the human body.

g) At present almost 1.2 billion or almost 1 of every 5 people in the world are without access to drinking water.

Taking the above facts into consideration, one thing is made clear by the present fresh water crisis. We must do more than consume water. We must become it's caretakers as well. Recycling, and novel and effective conservation methods should be adopted and practised by all concerned for an effective solution, while accumulation of rain water which is purified by natural distillation should also be encouraged.

Finally, we should not forget that air breathing creatures should also be allocated their share of fresh water, as they are a part of our lives, confirming that there would be no life without water.


Is Justice Vigneswaran the best man as CM?

The truth has finally come out of the horse's mouth. According to reports, none other than the leader of the Tamil National Alliance R. Sampanthan himself, has confirmed the rumour that it was pressure from certain foreign countries that led to the selection of former SC Judge, Justice Vigneswaran as the Party's Chief Ministerial candidate for the Northern Provincial Council elections. The question is whether he is the best man to represent the people in the North.

Justice Vigneswaran is no doubt educated and articulate. But does he feel the pulse of the people, like say MP Senadhirajah? Is it the contention of the TNA leadership that the so-called international community knows what is best for the Northern people? Is a federal (read ‘separate’) state the one and only goal the people want to achieve under a TNA led administration? Would the Northern Tamil people who suffered for decades under a terrorist leader, end up falling from the frying pan to the fire of elitist, caste-based Tamil political puppets, who are answerable to no one but foreign imperialist powers who manipulate them? The answer lies in the ballot of our Northern Tamil brothers and sisters.


No CTB bus on Panadura-Newdawa route

I wish to thank the Transport Minister for providing a good transport service even on bus-strike days, which help CTB season ticket holders especially school children, to a great extent. Public service of this nature is highly commendable and reflects the efficiency of the minister.

I wish to bring to the kind notice of the minister that the operation of CTB buses on the Panadura – Newdawa route is very poor. Commuters have to spend long hours waiting for a bus, wasting their precious time. The result is that people get late to work and school children, to school in the mornings. CTB bus operations in the evenings are no better.

When a complaint is lodged at the CTB Panadura Depot to this effect a bus is sent, but does not continue on a daily basis, which is the prime requirement. We the poor villagers of Newdava are daily losers, as although we possess season tickets, we are compelled to travel in private buses as only private buses seem to operate on this route.

I appeal to the Transport Minister to provide us with a bus service from Newdawa to Panadura on a regular basis.


‘Hospital’ road in bad state

Temple Road situated opposite the Colombo South Hospital in Kalubowila is in a very deplorable state and needs the urgent attention of the authorities concerned.

There are pot holes all over the road which get filled with muddy water during rainy days. The large number of pedestrians and worshipers who visit the Sri Sunandaramaya Vihara on rainy days are much inconvenienced due to the water logged pot holes.

They have to walk zigzag to avoid the holes.

Often, the frequent vehicles passing by splash mud water onto their clothes.


No pedestrian crossing at Polwatte junction

The pedestrian crossing at the Polwatte junction in Pannipitiya on the 174 bus route, got erased when the road was being repaired and modified. Upto date it has not been re-painted, which means that there is no pedestrian crossing here. As a result, people find it very difficult to cross the road at this point due to the endless traffic. There is a Day Care Centre at the Polwatte junction and montessori children with their elders have to cross the road here. I appeal to the relevant authorities to re-mark the pedestrian crossing at this spot without further delay.


Seated passenger transport

I fully endorse the contents of the letter in the Citizen's Mail column of July 11, 2013 by N.A. Nawaz of Colombo 15 captioned as above. Some countries do not allow single-passenger vehicles (cars, vans) into the city and encourage office workers to travel by bus or train to office.

These measures ease traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads.

If the government or private bus operators take steps to have a seated-passenger bus service, people will change their mode of transport,