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Stirring up a storm!

Ranil De Silva launching 'Spice It Up!' by Koluu website

HP-Mix-2013_79.jpgFlamboyant, cheerful and adventurous are some words which come to mind when one meets Sri Lanka's celebrity chef Koluu. The gastronomic expert has once again pushed the barriers of home cooking by introducing an innovative range of spices and seasoning.

Named 'Spice it up!' the range comes in 17 varieties. Cooking is not a hassle anymore because you can make local favourites like fish mustard curry, ambul thiyal, mutton pol kiri baddun, pork kalu pol curry, chicken red curry and beef pepper curry in a jiffy. It is like having Koluu in the kitchen with you guiding you through preparing the mouth watering delicacies.

From restaurants to culinary art programmes to grand musical extravaganzas Koluu has been a name which has always been linked with the Colombo social scene.

Koluu gets spicy

Apart from tantalizing your taste buds the range is a blessing for the busy housewife. There is no peeling, chopping or grinding involved. Tasty dishes can be prepared with ease saving time and resources. Even those who are amateurs to the culinary art can master complex flavours with a snap of their fingers if they use 'Spice it up!'. Just saute the meat, seafood or vegetables in the spice mix, add coconut milk and cook for a few minutes. It's that easy! Plus it makes a scrumptious solution to a weekend meal and a welcome alternative to a take away from a nearby restaurant.

Koluu handing
the first packs
of 'Spice It Up!'
to Ramona

“Cooking has always been a passion for me. 'Spice it up!' is a dream turned reality for me. The Sri Lankan cuisine is popular around the world today. However many living overseas feel nostalgic for Sri Lankan food because they are unable to find most of the ingredients to prepare the dishes. 'Spice it up' is the answer to this problem. The range comes to you after many trials and experimentations. We first made up the combinations as a paste but now it is developed into a powder form,” the well-travelled chef noted at the 'Spice it up!' launch.

Koluu is the first Sri Lankan to be invited to the annual event of the Culinary Institute of America where he gave the international audience their first spicy taste of Sri Lanka. He has penned a an easy to use cookery book titled 'Koluu: My Way' and even writes a column for a weekly newspaper. With more than 35 years of experience in the culinary industry Koluu believes in penning recipes which uniting simplicity and allow for ease of preparation.

The 'Spice it up!' range has ISO 22000 certification which means that it is a product of exceptional quality. The brand sources its raw material from areas alike Mathara, Matale and Kandy and is available at all the leading supermarkets and gourmet stores. A website dedicated to the range,, was also launched at the event. Apart from details of his products the website also includes a range of recipes for food enthusiasts to try out. Pictures by Saman Sri Wedage 


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