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CHILDREN - (14-11-2013)

HP-Edge-2013_0.jpgAn event of great Significance - CHOGM 2013

Dear Children,

z_p18-An-event.jpgAs you know CHOGM 2013 is now being held in Sri Lanka under the theme “Growth with Equity, inclusive development.” It was with great pleasure that we, Sri Lankans looked forward to host the event and finally it has become a reality! We Sri Lankans are indeed fortunate to host the summit this year.

The Commonwealth Youth Forum, People’s Forum and Business Forum have already started. The Main event - the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will commence tomorrow. This event is of great significance to all of us. This is the second largest international summit hosted by our country. Do you know what the first one was.It is the Non-Aligned Summit which was held in Colombo in 1976.

The Commonwealth of Nations is an intergovernmental organization of 53 member countries. Most of these countries are former British colonies. Queen Elizabeth II is Head of the Commonwealth. Kamalesh Sharma is the Commonwealth Secretary-General. Chair-in-office is usually the President or the Prime Minister (leader of the Commonwealth country) that hosts a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the chairperson of CHOGM 2013. He will hold the position until the next CHOGM which will be held in 2015.All the nations of the Commonwealth have an equal say irrespective of size and economic status.

The summit provides an opportunity to discuss the issues affecting the Commonwealth and global issues in general and strengthen economic, social and cultural ties among member countries.

Hope all of you are watching these events on television with enthusiasm. You can read newspaper articles about CHOGM and its history. Don’t miss tomorrow’s great event which will be attended by the visiting Heads of Commonwealth member states. Listen to the speeches made by these world leaders including our President.

Let’s wish CHOGM 2013 all success!

Bye for now,



Anuradhapura is the capital of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is an ancient city.

There are many places of archaeological and religious value in Anuradhapura.

Many Sinhala kings have ruled Anuradhapura. Out of the lot the greatest Sinhala king was king Dutugemunu.

He defeated the Chola King Elara after a war and united the country. King Dutugemunu built the third largest stupa in Anuradhapura. It is the Ruwanweliseya.

The most sacred bo-tree The Sri Maha Bodhi is also located in Anuradhapura.

Anuradhapura is visited by many tourists everyday.

Ayodhya Sandhmini
Grade 7
A/Swarnpali Balika MV


All about that magic language

Don’t we all love to have an animal as our special friend? Those of us who have a cat or a dog to play with, to take care of, to love and hug know how wonderful life could be when a cuddly, furry pet is around us. But, have you ever imagined how life would be if we had not one, but ten or twenty pets; a gold-fish in a pond at the bottom of the garden, rabbits in the pantry, white mice inside the piano, a squirrel in the linen closet and a hedgehog in the cellar? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a cow with a calf too, and an old lame horse-twenty-five years of age-and chickens, and pigeons, and two lambs, and many other animals?, you are going to meet someone who really did have all these animals in his house. In addition to these pets he also had a duck called Dab-Dab, a dog called Jip, a baby pig called Gug-Gub, and an owl called Too-Too, as well as the all important parrot called Polynesia. Oh, yes, he also had a sister who did not particularly like any of these animals.

His name is Dr. Dolittle-John Dolittle, M.D. meaning that “he was a proper doctor and knew a whole lot.” He lived in a little town called, Puddleby-on-the-Marsh.” As Hugh Lofting writes in his book The Story of Doctor Dolittle this was “many years ago when our grandfathers were little children,” which means it must have been a long, long time ago indeed.

Doctor Dolittle (despite his name, Doctor Dolittle is not lazy and does do a lot of work) loves animals so much that soon his human clients stop coming to see him as they can’t stand the many animals who live in and around his house. One day his parrot Polynesia, wisely suggests that he becomes an animal doctor rather than a people doctor, and sets about teaching him the secret language that animals use to talk to each other. With this knowledge, Doctor Dolittle becomes the best animal doctor there ever was, and his fame spreads among animals far and wide. Eventually, he is called to Africa where there is an epidemic among the monkeys, but getting there safely - and back - is no mean feat for a poor country doctor. To find out what happens to the good doctor who can speak with animals whilst in Africa, is entirely up to you.

It is thought that the idea for The Story of Doctor Dolittle came to Hugh Lofting during the First World War, as he took part in it, as a lieutenant in the Irish Guards in Flanders and France between 1917-18. In the letters he sent to his children from the battle front, he told them imaginary stories about Doctor Dolittle as he had nothing that was pleasing or beautiful to tell them regarding his life in the army.

In 1918, Hugh Lofting was badly wounded and left the army before the War’s end. The precious Doctor Dolittle letters had, of course, been saved, and at some stage he began to entertain his wife’s suggestion of turning them into a book - the result was the Story of Doctor Dolittle which was followed by The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Doctor Dolittle’s Post Office and several other Dolittle books.

Hailed by Hugh Walpole as “the first real children’s classic since Alice” the story of Doctor Dolittle, will fascinate you, give you some very good laughs and teach you the important lesson that you should always be humble enough to accept the advice of those who know more than you do, the way Doctor Dolittle heeds the advice of the animals around him.

By the time the story ends you too would wish you knew this magic language with which you could speak with the butterflies in your garden and the polecats living on the ceiling. Perhaps one day you will learn this magic, for as Huge Lofting says “Magic could never die while the sun had the power to rise again and man had the wish to seek.”

- Aditha Dissanayake





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