Monday, March 3, 2014 (All day)


The escalation of violence in Ukraine that resulted in the forcing into exile of the President of that country, shows that faux democracy movements have terrible unforeseen consequences.

Today, Ukraine is totally destabilized, and there is simmering unrest in Crimea with the Russians there not being willing to live under the jackboot of a newly installed puppet administration in Kiev.

Meanwhile, the destabilization of countries under cover of democracy activism is taking place from Syria, all the way up to Thailand.

As in Syria, there have been foreign elements that have involved themselves in the so called revolution that took place in Ukraine against an elected government.

Surely, the Ukrainian people are not obsessed with joining the European Union which has been an ailing behemoth for a very long time as the horrendous experience of the Greek for instance makes abundantly clear?

Obviously, democracy or the issue of EU membership is not at the heart of the Ukrainian crisis.

What's at the root of the upheavals in the country is the exact facsimile of what is at the root of all subversion of elected democracies today from Venezuela to Syria -- the intended plunder of resources by establishing hegemony over vast swathes of territories, in disparate regions of the planet.

These are the typical Soros prototype colour revolutions except that now they are taking place against elected democracies.

All of these upheavals follow the established pattern and we in Sri Lanka are extremely familiar with what it is. All of them begin with from transparent efforts to demonize elected governments that are in power for the simple reason that they were brought to power by the people...

In Venezuela, for years, it has been the strategy to vilify the elected leadership in the international media by fashioning a tissue of lies about the administration, selling the story that the President brooks no opposition, and that there is widespread authoritarianism.

The diabolical lies became far more pronounced in the case of Syria for instance, with the agency of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights herself being summoned to create the pretexts for the purpose of securing UN sanction to move against the country.

However, the Russians and the Chinese had learnt the hard way from the Libyan situation that any kind of concession to the interested Western powers through a mechanism such as a no-fly-zone would only embolden interlopers to exploit such measures to invade countries outright.

In Syria therefore, a very astute response was forthcoming from the Russian side, and now in Ukraine Putin has shown in no uncertain terms that he is no rollover, no matter the size or durability of the odds.

After the spurious revolution was done and finished in Ukraine, the people of Crimea have asserted themselves and are now poised to vote to form an independent state cut off from the puppet controlled regime in Kiev.

The campaign of lies about democracy and Rule of Law restoration is not working as intended, and that is true from Syria to Thailand to Ukraine and indeed Sri Lanka as well, even though thankfully due to the astute leadership of the Rajapaksa administration, we are nowhere near the situation of instability that obtains in most of the countries named above.

Unfortunately for Ukraine, her people were unable to stave off the unwelcome interference from outside, and now they have to contend with a situation in which the government they elected has been illegally ousted.

Furthermore, Ukraine is likely to remain a basket case for the next few years, just as the countries in which there were so called Arab Springs and pro democracy upheavals ended up in shambles to take Egypt or Libya as the appropriate examples.

This is unfortunate, but if President Putin cannot salvage every situation he can salvage some, and he has asserted himself it appears in Crimea, as he did most memorably in Syria as well recently...

The rapacious looters of resources and neo liberal ghouls will never give up, and their spurious battle cry 'democracy' will always make a travesty of true freedom -- and most importantly true economic freedom, for oppressed peoples.

As they say, of course, the price for freedom from the tyranny of Imperialism, is that of eternal vigilance! 


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