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  • Reply to: District Judge indicted in corruption case   1 week 1 hour ago
    On an anonymous petition in 2012 the Bribery Commission initiated this inquiry. I sent more that 10 letters to the said commission to expedite the matter. Even after my retirement it was not concluded intentionally. I complained to Human Right Commission of Sri Lanka as well as Asian Human Rights Commission regarding this arbitrary inquiry. Both commissions are of the view that the said commission has violated my fundamental rights. Sri Lanka is a signatory to the Optional Protocol to the International covenant on civil and Political Rights. as i filed 1st FR case bearing No.407/16 against the said commission on 11.11.2016 as a counter case for the sake of filing only they indicted me in Colombo high court. Having hidden my lawful income an arbitrary indictment has been filed. they cannot proceed as no any iota of evidence. when the case was called for trial on 29.11.2017 they moved for a date. If the case is taken of for trial they are unable to prove the case as I have not earned even cent 24 (.24) illegally. I am again challenging them to commence the trial and prove the case.
  • Reply to: Govt. saved Rs.22,000 mn after debt servicing last year - Patali   1 week 6 hours ago
    Mr Ranawaka is good in hiding things. This does not show the affect of the money we lost through the bond scam. Probably trying to protect th leader who is giving his salary. Mr ranawaka is anopportunist , who would do anything to be in power and for money
  • Reply to: President’s term is 5 years: Supreme Court   1 week 12 hours ago
    I did research and came up with the understanding that if an amendment was made it has to be repealed before amending or making anymore changes. This is according to the U.S CONSTITUTION
  • Reply to: China's run as world's largest exporter may end, expert says   1 week 14 hours ago
    may be an intentional false statement to mislead international community
  • Reply to: President’s term is 5 years: Supreme Court   1 week 14 hours ago
    Now what would be his boast? He admitted defeat in his move by saying he will go off the Presidency even today!
  • Reply to: Snapshot of Donald Trump's First Year as President   1 week 23 hours ago
    Many a reason his presidency is not going in the right direction. He must stop all tweeting. Sleep better discuss with others his thoughts ideas before acting upon. Not self glorifying himself. Even we all hate each other in most circumstances let us put it besides for the sake snd welfare of the dociety think vountry and people first not cast unpleasant unwanted opinion of another nation other people based on race colour appearance wrath etc. Every nation has it's leadership open to corruption etc but not in news media
  • Reply to: Johnston’s case: Court summons former President’s Secretary   1 week 1 day ago
    Pass legislation for much heavier penalty with no further delay
  • Reply to: Discussions to abolish finger print method underway at Ja’pura Hospital   1 week 1 day ago
    Why is every effort at development laid aside because of strikes and such nonsense. If administrators don't have the backbone to enforce change put it to the people as an online referendum, to be signed with name, NIC. Almost every Sri Lankan has access to the internet. Let the people decide if they want change, if a majority wants it then take strict action against protestors, which in this should have been done anyway as medical services are an essential service.
  • Reply to: Gammanpila's Rs. 21 million case fixed for January 16   1 week 1 day ago
    Tell us how much the fine will be or how long he'll be at the hospital before pursuing the case, don't waste any more state/people's money
  • Reply to: Bridging Lanka-Pakistan trade imbalance needed   1 week 2 days ago
  • Reply to: Trump: I am a ‘very stable genius’   1 week 2 days ago Trump.need. to come.e to power to stop wilpattu destruction
  • Reply to: Bond issue chaos and renewed fight against corruption   1 week 2 days ago
    Let start with the ones who have clean hands to throw the first stone, they all live in houses with glass, throwing a stone, we can then see who are clean, Politicians in Parliament have forgotten how and who sent them in the first place, they are the representatives of the people, but the rob the monies of the people, get fat and their families as well, when will we ever see a clean Parliament with Gentlemen, instead we see thugs, drug-dealers, serial killers, thieves, you name it they are all found in Parliament when it should be the other-way around, We have mixed up, Religion, Sports, Politics, Race, Cast, all in one pickle, so the taste is sour, Let's work them separately, as we did 50 years ago and live in harmony, who is going to be the leader.
  • Reply to: Chaos into order   1 week 3 days ago
    The tense situation was due to the neglected duties and responsibilities of the Speaker of the Parliament, he was acting bias, and the Prime Minister acted like a classless citizen of Sri Lanka.
  • Reply to: Belittled August Assembly   1 week 3 days ago
    JO is totally responsible for this kind of mayhem in Parliament. We have seen this many times before. Our Hon. MR , as the former Finance Minister should have responded to what the Prime Minister said , and addressed the Parliament. But he hides all the time, taking cover under such ugly incidents.
  • Reply to: Obtains UNP membership   1 week 3 days ago
    How honest is President Sirisena ? Is he going to join with MR and his brother Gota ? These are questions President Sirisena has to answer to the voters who elected him or more will join the UNP !