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  • Reply to: President to hold special discussion   1 week 13 hours ago
    It has been the practice in the past for a proposed FTA to be circulated among the Trade Chambers and Professional Bodies for study and comment prior to signing by Government. In view of such agreements being with another Friendly Government it is elementary that the TOR of the agreement be studied in detail and any unfavourable clauses removed or negotiated prior to formal signing..The problem arises when Ministers of state handle such agreements and politics become the deciding factor. It is unfortunate in this country that politicians handle matters and professionalism is overlooked. Our big brother India is a shining example for us to emulate where State Ministers only set Policy but actioning is left to the Civil Service. If Sri Lanka can follow such an example the country will be void of many of the problems that have escalated in recent times purely due to mismanagement by shortsighted and amateur politicians.
  • Reply to: Patients suffer as docs strike   1 week 14 hours ago
    GMOA terrorism is insecurity in finances and jobs. Whether patients live or die is another matter. Their competition is in the private sector and with English speaking citizens supposedly able pay. What if UK also says "No Sinhala speaking doctors for their citizens" That is why this idiotic struggle with nations of Asia. Ex Co of GMOA needs broad based administrative education without politics, but then no finances to down govt.
  • Reply to: Peace prevails thanks to warriors   1 week 16 hours ago
    Yes all count in the eyes of humanity as tragic sequel of what we can say lack of respect snd trust for each other. All in the seat of government
  • Reply to: Peace prevails thanks to warriors   1 week 16 hours ago
    Citizens must fight for rights. In democracy things must move in directions where everyone is happy with himself or herself. Social politics must see to that. Violations of sny predetermined antisocial laws irrespective Plato rule of law which can apply in one single community with same culture etc. Lanka being diverse country with so many rulers of different variety eith independence diversity not only respected cheered incorporated for the country to progress. Did we fail or pass. Victory is a superficial effect
  • Reply to: Country in a debt trap due to flaws of Rajapaksa regime - PM   1 week 17 hours ago
    Dear PM, When you wanted to be PM you took all responsibility. Don't complaint about previous government. If you don't know how to handle, quite your job as PM as we all do.
  • Reply to: Harvard economist: GMOA strike misses the point   1 week 20 hours ago
    GMOA can be busy again, obstructing the Highway, on another token strike, against the Harvard Economist
  • Reply to: Harvard economist: GMOA strike misses the point   1 week 22 hours ago
    This person what ever his credentials are is entitled to his opinion ..but a study into the attitudes of our people has it changed on the imported product ..I remember the time in the 60s when we had imported some Vienna specialists who made some money for people associated the world Vienna with some higher intellectual ability to the home grown Doctors ..I took a patient to a specialist in Mental health and came to realize the placebo medication used to calm the anxious ..yet advised repeated consultation at a fee ..But the patient felt him to be more reliable than the local ..Even our top people rush out to Singapore having all the specialists there seem to be an unwanted issue of competition rather than what health care is all about ..Many an interpretation can be given on the subject ..but leadership should listen to all sides of the question and past experiences before commitment .hope fully it will happen
  • Reply to: Do not criticise President – Mangala   1 week 1 day ago
    For a moment I thought the minister was asking the public not to criticize the president. I think constructive criticism is healthy and will help to make mid-course corrections. Otherwise it will be like the Titanic that hit the iceberg.
  • Reply to: Harvard economist: GMOA strike misses the point   1 week 1 day ago
    Insecure GMOA are shrewd nuts. Strike was to threaten Supreme Court judges hearing SLMC case re SAITM today. So they used their pet frog in the well hindering theme, to show muscle power not intellect. Govt. Cabinet must honor what it has already admitted for MBBS since 2009. After medical study of 8 yrs. this is not the time to reselect but to allow those already selected to complete in KDU. MBBS SAITM can have internship and beyond, like NCMC MBBS is still recognized though NCMC is no more. If SAITM MBBS is squashed, we are calling the external professors who even now examine MBBS, as fraudulent and deceitful. Court verdict SAITM MBBS has to be recognized even though GMOA struggle is to get their AP head off charges on June 5th.. Lies can only be reversed with truth and not with more lies. SAITM is now ONE CLASS action legally for all to receive one act of Transitional Justice, under Defence and Higher Education. Lower ranking SLMC has to obey law of land. GMOA terror only knows to flex corrupt muscle. All of SAITM already govt. accepted over the years must be allowed to complete. Their crime is they paid fees.
  • Reply to: Jobs for graduates   1 week 1 day ago
    Mr Armstrong is quite right in his opinion. Study of ENGLISH cannot be neglected. It is an universal language. All International conferences be it Commercial or Scientific are conducted in ENGLISH. With the advancement in communication systems there are of course simultaneous translations at almost all international fora. Nevertheless as rightly said International business is negotiated today in the English language. Apart from this most research papers are presented in English, In the early days French was used in the law courts of England. However French was replaced by English as the official language in the year1360. Since then English continues to be spoken and written in the Industrialized world. It remains undisputed. Therefore whilst the national language is important for local communication the study of correct English opens an avenue to widen the realm of communication in a competitive and progressive world. We simply cannot afford to fall behind.
  • Reply to: Lalith   1 week 1 day ago
    If too clever he should make the peace sooner. If wiser war what all says is a serious internal conflict where whole country suffers yes many higher up fortunes in arms dealing many help to kill murder abduct many ,so wiser the man peace in the country more valuable than any individual of high calibre.
  • Reply to: Saving Fuel   1 week 1 day ago
    Price of fuel will not be down so long as the demand iis alone pay for it. Set up a car pool to fill the car dhare the expenses which include higher insurance. Companions share costs
  • Reply to: Danger lurks at Alawwa railway crossing   1 week 1 day ago
    Yangalmodera railway closing is very safe because it has all normal safety features that could be provided along any railway line. All fatal collisions at this location occurred because some idiot decided to ignore safety features and decided to be get themselves killed. If I was entrusted to enhance the safety at this location I would add another set of gates and extend the median another 30m on both sides and provide turn pocket as necessary. In the US, at some busy crossings a horn sounds to alert the pedestrians. I must warn that these horns becomes headache for people living near the vicinity.
  • Reply to: Pope sells his Lamborghini   1 week 1 day ago
    The gift of giving is the nature and character Almighty Father God, the Creator of the universe. He gave all he had by sacrifice of Son to take on all sin, be crucified, save humans from karmic cycle, then resurrect. He gave his Holy Spirit infilling on Pentecost, for power to return to his original intent. Pope reflects God's nature
  • Reply to: Senadhipathi files FR to prevent arrest   1 week 1 day ago
    Sri Lanka is the only country fraudsters can evade arrest by criminal investigation department.