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  • Reply to: District Judge indicted in corruption case   4 days 21 hours ago
    the above mentioned case is a good example to show to the world that the rule of law and due process are not applied to this case. If they filed the case they must start the case without moving for date from the court. Their primary objective has been to insult me by giving unnecessary publicity to this arbitrary indictment.Inquiry initiated on 10.12.2012. I retired on 25.10.2016. I was indicted in may 2017.the Asian Human Right Commission has decided that this so called inquiry is totally illegal. Since rule of law is not applied to this case I have become a victim for filing two FR case against the authorities of the Bribery Commission which infringed my fundamental rights since 2012. .
  • Reply to: Gammanpila faked power of attorney   4 days 22 hours ago
    This Gembanpila always poking his mouth to other business saying others misusing government property and always talk about the bond fiasco.
  • Reply to: Unity Govt. to forge ahead   5 days 11 min ago
    ..............the more we are to gather, to gather, the merrier will be ...................
  • Reply to: Gammanpila faked power of attorney   5 days 4 hours ago
    It's a very serious complaint, dangerous to society. Offenders in such cases should be stripped off of all civic rights, recover all monies taken and placed in open prison for a 10 year term
  • Reply to: ‘One belt, one road, green light for FDI’   5 days 5 hours ago
    Once again we are getting starry eyed with this fairy tale.
  • Reply to: US holds back $65m aid to Palestinians   5 days 5 hours ago
    We have the same problem here. Free higher education given in state uni. under a democracy resulted in street marches with twisted mentality, brain washed ideology, boycotting lectures, and struggling to topple the very govt. which is giving all this free. Good trading needed to receive good education in exchange.
  • Reply to: First step of reconciliation   5 days 5 hours ago
    After 70 years of independence and over 40 years of conflict still talking about reconciliation and saying over one billion tourist landed in the country all confusing to a point to national incompetence
  • Reply to: Election Commission postpones Jaffna University forum   5 days 10 hours ago
    This same procedure needs to be followed by Health ministry for the vacancies in the Sri Lanka Medical Council. They should be done after the country elections or else Terry Registrar is going to town, writing unauthorized letters, collecting false documents, getting unstable Ruhunu teachers to go against authorized VP of SLMC from doing what is legally right, and so much to follow to cause mayhem for so called "topple govt" SLMC Karl Marx who is very much alive to get GMOA to get into SLMC to stop private medical education as well. Sadly the leader instead of governing, is going into tantrums, Must punish corrupt murderers or the deviation deepens further. Truth and Justice must rule, not shortsighted party politics. Increasing peace and govt. in nation must come above petty party politics and privatization corruptions or trying to promote self image for votes for next election. Let people decide that, not manipulation. There are laws of justice and righteousness unknown to obsessed utopians and immoral star gazers shedding blood.
  • Reply to: Gammanpila faked power of attorney   5 days 12 hours ago
    Only a few years ago, before becoming a Weatern provisional government member Gammanpila seemd to have lost the business and had not much cash in hand. Now he and his wife and family seem living it up ,. I wonder whether they got the cash. He could not have this much money unless it was wrongly obtained..
  • Reply to: Rescinding liquor gazette   5 days 12 hours ago
    Sometimes those who advocate marketing liquor goes to absurd lengths as a civil right movement ..but the womens health group maintains that alcohol kills brain cells and it effects Women more men .Moreover due to the less body water and less body weight it affects them hard .Well womens rights group and educational authorities can carry out a campaign directly to save our sisters from this so called civil rights groups ..if the government wants to expand the economy with the sale of alcohol ..Buyer beware these days We cannot have a nanny state says most developed countries ..and they do have social issues with alcohol .
  • Reply to: Small group in govt. criticizing me for appointing Bond Commission: President   6 days 7 min ago
    Excellency the president did is right but he had to find the culprits of the 2008 - 2014 bond scam to be a real leader, stoping here with 2015 bond scam will look alike a political advantage for the party.
  • Reply to: Rescinding liquor gazette   6 days 1 hour ago
    Men and women have the same civil status and both are human with identical human rights. Denying women to purchase and serve alcohol is an infringement on their human rights. We have not come across any country that imposes such discriminating laws.
  • Reply to: Rescinding liquor gazette   6 days 1 hour ago
    I fully support your comments on this matter. This action of the president is foolish and a backward step. He tries to be popular but has not understood the harm he had done to the country as a whole.Where is equality for women?. This action amounts to oppression of women and violation of fundamental human rights as far as women are concerned and drifting the country into a very low state globally.
  • Reply to: Rescinding liquor gazette   6 days 4 hours ago
    At times President MS is puritanical therefore bright ideas for the good of the country cannot be implemented. Most are of the opinion that Mangala Samaraweera should be the next president if there one to be.
  • Reply to: Largest haul of seized cocaine destroyed   6 days 6 hours ago
    It is great to see the destruction of almost a ton of cocaine. Did anybody pull samples from each and every container to make sure it is the real thing that has been destroyed. Additionally what did the government do to the ill gotten gains. Did the authorities confiscate all the wealth accumulated by the drug dealer and sentence him to death? If not what happened.