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  • Reply to: Consultant Gynaecologist debunks claims about “sterilization pill”   2 weeks 2 days ago
    Point Taken. Now my point is if a person or group of persons have used such pills with food parcels then that is malicious intentions and should be dealt accordingly as the sole objective is harm a selected group of human of Human beings(Sinhalese and Tamils). It is similar to throwing a grande at a person but it was a faulty grande. Even if the person was not dead or hurt still it is act of crime and dealt as attempted murder. In the case of using this pills too consider as attempted crime and dealt accordingly. Also it must dealt in a such a way every one who was involved with inhuman actions should be brought to books even if there are doctors who are involved. Otherwise we will never be able to create a crimes free society.
  • Reply to: Wele Suda acquitted in drug trafficking case   2 weeks 2 days ago
    What happened to the production ? What's the market value?
  • Reply to: Lalith Weeratunga allowed to travel abroad   2 weeks 2 days ago
    STRANGE! Why didn't the Attorney General raise objections? Lalith Weeratunga is a convicted criminal and his conviction was handed over by no less than by the High Court of Colombo. He may be on bail but is - GUILTY UNLESS PROVEN INNOCENT.
  • Reply to: Special Envoy on Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention to visit here   2 weeks 3 days ago
    U.S. hasn't signed an international treaty to ban land mines, a step that activists have urged to rid the world of the indiscriminate weapons that kill and maim thousands every year. That is because a lot of unexploded ordnance (UXOs) killing innocent people in Cambodia and Laos are US bombs they dropped secretly. The U.S. has offered no good reason why they can’t join the treaty. These weapons no longer have a place in warfare. They are so good at preaching and lying.
  • Reply to: More powers for Bribery Commission to prosecute   2 weeks 3 days ago
    Undoubtedly,there seems to be a conspiracy to reprieve these corrupt mongrels from imprisonment. Someone smart must act fast to get to the bottom of this racket and squash it. The accused are confident,arrogant and have the audacity to address the Police, 'that they will fix them when they get back to power using scaremongering tactics.'
  • Reply to: More powers for Bribery Commission to prosecute   2 weeks 4 days ago
    The Commission of Inquiry and CIABOC are great if they will truly function and act without discrimination. Health Minister must be aware of what's going on under his very sphere of activity. Why does the GMOA mafia suddenly want to send SAITM students to Nizhny Russia when SAITM owner publicly thanked Prez, for sending them to KDU. What connects NF and his CEO with this TWIN MEDICAL COURSE set found in SLMC with some job agents names in Sinhala dailies. Nobody will believe this is for patient care as any students returning after such course will have ERPM mafia examining them for 85% failure rate. These unsuspecting students who enrolled for govt. local MBBS, will be deceived as being later SLMC approved on illegal twin program, reality being 15% pass rate. Bribery Commission must send to CIABOC so that corruption disaster not spread to all SLMC body
  • Reply to: Shock treatment   2 weeks 4 days ago
    Editor suggests "must show results on the ground" Simply the best comment, responding to a pragmatic politician. The Public Service was never a one man show, but team work under a structured leadership. In the Health Service, the team have become money craving TU terrorists trying to control the leaders for selfish monopoly of practice. SAITM is perfect example of a one man show, now 2 with CEO, which clings with offerings to GMOA, to send his students by hook or by crook for a second Russian expedition, the first attempt having failed 10 years ago. These unsuspecting students are govt. approved for a local MBBS. What a turn of events inviting disaster for Prez./PM in elections.
  • Reply to: President promises corruption free development drive   2 weeks 4 days ago
    He primed eradicate corruptions and punish rogues who robbed illions but so far nothin has happened.
  • Reply to: More powers for Bribery Commission to prosecute   2 weeks 4 days ago
    Hi Minister, Can you strengthen the Bribery Commision to catch the big fish instead of the small fry? So far you or your Yahapalana strange coalition work is appalling. At this rate, you will have to find refuge in another country after the next general elections.
  • Reply to: SAITM students call for direct enrollment in KDU   2 weeks 4 days ago
    Struggle to split SAITM by GMOA is to find some students to send to Russia joining hands with job agents to divide the spoils as they are SLMC in registering. GMOA money mafia is against private med. unless they can grab it themselves. They also need to erase SAITM to get their leader out of contempt of court case. Innocent SAITM students truly did not oil their palms for favour. Thick, dark corruption in the air is claiming to be that farce and deception of patient care. Head to foot, SL bound by money, greed, robbery, victimization, lawlessness, murder and terror tactics on President, PM.
  • Reply to: Shock treatment   2 weeks 4 days ago
    Development proposals must be prepared by the respective ministries in consultation with the provincial and district level officers expeditiously. One person or ministry should not undertake this important task. The ministries of Agriculture, Food &Coop; Disaster Management, Irrigation and Water Resources Management; and Rural water Supply including agencies responsible for rural roads and small bridges must develop implementable and cost-effective plans for immediate implementation throughout the country.Most of the ministers make blunders to implement development projects only within their districts. This is one reason why the people voted against the ruling parties. This is quite visible in the Housing ministry as most of the Gamudawa programs are in the Hambantota and people rejected this concept. Besides, the ministries must monitor the projects to ensure high quality and a good degree of effectiveness. We have seen many projects of very low quality and incomplete projects creating disrespect for the govt.
  • Reply to: Moral discipline as seen in Buddhism   2 weeks 4 days ago
    Based on my observation what is seen bu most of us Buddhism is said to be a religion of lanka where majority practices it faithfully do is Burma something I do not understand why over 30 years there were no peace in the country murder sbductions etc was prevalent now Burma facing in fact accused of various human rights violations. Of course happening in Middle East Israel all indicate human rights not respected in some countries docial racial colour discrimination sending us message superiority complex of dome humans but in fact they are the opposite what they beleive in moral terms
  • Reply to: Wele Suda acquitted in drug trafficking case   2 weeks 4 days ago
    God has saved the man who sells the most dangerous drugs and involved in murder. Now he will be bought by the politicians on a large bid for their pukkaly service.
  • Reply to: Sarath Fonseka’s appointment as Law and Order Minister not yet finalized   2 weeks 5 days ago
    Taking Revenge was the only thing this government did for last three years. People believe that Fonseka who is failure in politics and not suitable for any portfolio. USA and England are the only supporters for this so they can destabilize Sri Lanka further using a 'Donkey in politics" . If Fonseka given any ministerial post, it will end UNP as well, similar to what happened to SLFP.
  • Reply to: Protecting Sri Lanka’s wetland ecosystems   2 weeks 5 days ago
    An excellent article to illustrate how we can transform a concrete jungle into a Garden City. The rainfall in Colombo must be harvested and barrages constructed at sea outfalls to implement this wetland ecosystem concept. A study tour of Singapore's NEWwater Visitor Centre is highly recommended for Environmentalists, Water and Wastewater organisations in Sri Lanka to see how Singapore has achieved this in practice. Potable re-use for the NEWwater Management is thir major achievement.