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  • Reply to: Questions and answers   1 week 4 hours ago
    I am a Sri Lankan sitizen. I live in abroad. Can i buy a property to my name ? Is there anyway to write deed to my name ?
  • Reply to: Kandy highway to be complete by 2020 - PM   1 week 11 hours ago
    Peradeniyatath Exit Ekak denawanam hodi
  • Reply to: NTC Hotline to report errant private bus crews   1 week 12 hours ago
    Horrible service from the private buses. Specially 138 / 120 buses. They don't stop at the bus halts even if we ask them to puts ON too loud music and poor manners by the bus drivers and conductors. Worst experience on the 138 bus ND 4224.
  • Reply to: IMF team to visit Sri Lanka   1 week 16 hours ago
    keep on borrowing whilst living the high life battiboy and put the burden on the poor masses you have borrowed more than the rajapaksas government
  • Reply to: Northern people against the removal of the Northern Governor   1 week 17 hours ago
    Must work with the people for the people understand them. Educate them. Respect for each other is vital.many an individual love the north hardworking self discipline is fundamental. Governor cooray is exceptional individual from what we hear around. Wish him the best in his new appointment
  • Reply to: Why Sri Lanka are struggling for quality spinners   1 week 17 hours ago
    Real fact for Malinda to struggle against England was the times he was used to bawl. Captain must use spinners before batsmen get in to form. Traditional fast brawlers to open the bawling won't work all the time. England realized that and used spinners first to topple our top order. Coach and captain must be very tactful. Honestly Malinda was a victim. He should be playing all format of the game. Must use him when new batsmen come to the crease, Must try him within the first ten overs etc. Good luck
  • Reply to: Why Sri Lanka are struggling for quality spinners   1 week 18 hours ago
    Hit the nail on the head! The issue has to be rectified from grass root level. SLC cricket should govern the entire game of cricket from schools up. Any umpaire or coach that fail to report illegal actions should be banned! Or corrected. If the coach or umpaire are not doing their part, then they shouldn't be part of cricket. Also all pitchers must be inspected by SLC and a rule put in place to minimize the effects that ripple through the national side.
  • Reply to: Arundika apologises for sitting on Speaker’s Chair   1 week 1 day ago
    This foolish man deserves maximum punishment for his attempt to disgrace the Speaker's position. In days of yore some Speakers I can remember would have personally thrown this person out on his ear and kicked him out of Parliament. He deserves nothing less than expulsion from Parliament the way I see it. MM
  • Reply to: UNP would never divide country - Minister   1 week 1 day ago
    What a Grand Olde truly National minded Party the UNP was,but not so now.. This Minister needs to examine the fraudulent papers submitted to Parliament as the 'Draft' New Constitution. Her message reeks of simplistic thinking as the present PM is an 'appeasement' specialist and would do anything to obtain minority party votes. THis present UNP will facilitate division and partition of Sri Lanka without any qualms at all. This is the present PM's aim and he is dictated to by a host of Western neo colonists hell bent on a 'divide and rule' policy. MM
  • Reply to: Justice at last?   1 week 1 day ago
    It is highly commendable that this investigation finally is being brought to a positive conclusion. Many would believe that the military were involved in this due to the precision hit against this brave journalist. Let us go right to the very top, where the orders were given and down to those who murdered this courageous journalist. An extremely shameful despicable act of cowardice. Please name and shame every single person involved in this sorry nauseating episode. MM
  • Reply to: UK jobs for Sri Lankan nurses   1 week 1 day ago
    How can I apply for working visa in UK?
  • Reply to: The war heroes will not be allowed to go to any court : Minister Thalatha   1 week 2 days ago
    The war heroes have been dragged to courts and remanded for years by this govt but this woman justice minister but and now this opportunistic woman says that the government will not take them to courts!! Just words. This woman should be taken to courts and tried for treachery. Since President Sirisena gave that damning speech about the war heroes, now this woman and UNP trying to deceive people and win votes. This type of speech is good for stupid people who still go after these con men and women in the current government.
  • Reply to: Myanmar journalists lose appeal against 7-year sentence   1 week 2 days ago
    Very well done Your Honour! The next step would be to jail these people who do not have any idea of the atrocities committed by Rohingyas against people of Myanmar! Then promptly deport them and ban them from ever entering Myanmar again. MM
  • Reply to: SLPP councillor arrested over unruly behaviour at CPC   1 week 2 days ago
    The Magistrate should make an example of such thugs and remand them for six months pending trial. Then obtain a conviction and sentence such thugs to 20 years RI. MM
  • Reply to: Mini bowsers to distribute liquid milk   1 week 2 days ago
    It is an excellent idea to distribute FRESH Milk through Mini Bowsers to villages for the children there especially, to prevent them depending on Milk powder. Laudable idea and please implement it ASAP. MM