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  • Reply to: Former President’s Chief of Staff, former Timber Corporation Chairman further remanded till July 13   4 months 6 days ago
    both are known to me personally. very sad. they must be given maximum punishment if felt guilty as a warning to other officers in their caliber in public service. .
  • Reply to: Threat of fascism takes new leap with Vijayakala   4 months 6 days ago
    Has no place in cultured civilized country where Buddhist teachings is well recognized by the majority
  • Reply to: Sumanthiran sees nothing wrong with Vijayakala’s statement   4 months 6 days ago
    We need correct the common issues wit dignity patience truthfulness. Thuggery on the rise in some parts of the country frustrations lack of opportunities. They say idle mind is an evil mind
  • Reply to: ‘Court cases against SAITM opposes unacceptable’   4 months 6 days ago
    Ignorant parent Wasantha Alwis band should be accountable for malicious accusation of SAITM causing 3 year loss of 980 youth life. Not one admitted violating UGC criteria at time of admission. What jealousy and wickedness.These parents if imprisoned, students could do better. Alwis oracle still lying about unqualified students and tax payer's money. SAITM paid the full stipulated fees of their own money, are compassionate, non destructively motivated to serve SL in spite of weird, insane, jealous other's obstruction. May the KDU prosper for receiving to train unjustly crushed students, who will now blossom and do excellently well.
  • Reply to: GMOA warns to launch a strike again   4 months 1 week ago
    What a joke? The docs in GMOA think their secred duty is to strike to win unreasonalbe demands & not to treat patients. Why the hell the govt. continueing with free education at Uni level? The public has to pay for their education & also have to face difficulties because of their selfish attitudes. Hon. President, enough is enough... Make health service an essential service & end these unreasonble action.
  • Reply to: GMOA warns to launch a strike again   4 months 1 week ago
    SLMC is a statutory body of govt. under a minister. An amendment should be passed to absolutely prohibit active TU action of GMOA by expelling Ex Co of GMOA from SLMC. SLMC must include a lawyer and non medical members of integrity and proven character like the GMC of the UK. Medical education policies should not be subject to the fluctuations of the whims and fancies of TU ExCo. They should not be allowed to pollute the already biased SLMC with a court verdict of violation of the Medical Ordinance. That group too should be disqualified as SLMC , as there are enough uni. staff for replacements. They have done much damage already. Minimum qualifications for SLMC must be gazetted before calling for applications, disqualifying any TU activists whose goals do not tally with SLMC to promote medical education for SL without politics. GMOA is already drawn to Hitler type lawless policies of unhealthy govt. chaos. Let them function in their TU policies. Goal of SLMC is totally different which is to promote and not destroy medicine. GMOA already got 4 TU into SLMC. They want other 4 posts too. Then no SLMC, only GMOA twice over.
  • Reply to: PM calls for increased Forex earnings to overcome debt trap   4 months 1 week ago
    If u want Forex earnings dont tax us and take away our precious rupee earnings
  • Reply to: No rift between Rajapaksa brothers, says MR   4 months 1 week ago
    No rift between brothers as whoever becomes President, all 4 will be governing like in last regime. Now they are collecting more votes promising professionals. Results of dictatorial injustice yet future for their karma, which will say " enough is enough" for their absolute ignorance.
  • Reply to: WP Operations Manager sentenced to five years   4 months 1 week ago
    It is good that the man who took a bribe was punished. However, I see the courts punish the sprats ( who took Rs 10,000 bribe) when sharks who take much more are allowed to run around freely collecting more bribes. The law should be the same for everybody. There are corrupt politicians who deserve 25 years or more imprisonment.
  • Reply to: 9-hour water cut at Kotte, Colombo 5 tomorrow   4 months 1 week ago
    Fuel Price Fiasco It is evident that mismanagement behests every Govt institution. No planning at all as Finance Ministry and Presidents’ Office do not have coordination to even agree and implement a firm pricing structure. Officials do not have the framework or a fixed policy, as politicians run the country. The lacuna has spread. The internal conflict and the absence of a plan lead the people and the vendor to a total disgust of an inefficient government. Just imagine how a refund can be made to a widespread retail customer base! What unworkable proposals amidst the chaos? It is becoming a fool’s paradise. INDECISION, NEOPOLITISM. HOODWINKING and THEIVING has been the hallmark of this Good Governance regime which observes the rule of law in breach
  • Reply to: Captains to challenge match officials on ball tampering ahead of Tests   4 months 1 week ago
    Hey Chandimal, take ICC to courts !! Make sure you've a White Lawyer!!
  • Reply to: Govt. has guaranteed future of SAITM students - President   4 months 1 week ago
    Great Blessings to H.E who solved the SAITM issue of created chaos of GMOA involving medical students, parents, IUSF and other TU. Former SLMC Karl Marx with deans and staff adding fuel, flew on their brooms on ley lines for the loot of the hard hit job agents against private medical education. Many who had tasted political power crave for it, whatever the cost of toppling current government will take. Contempt of court of GMOA head and verdict of violation of Medical Ordinance by former SLMC head, sums up the political performance of the star medical duo, now visible in political meetings. H.E made the inspired choice of a legally excellent Minister of Higher Education. If more excellent lawyers who do not worship mammon are put into positions of authority, there is no doubt that the freedom of justice and law and order will return to nation. If the GMOA Ex Co, positions which no doctor of integrity covets, returns to compassionate medicine away from political passion, we will have a healthy nation. We hope that KDU MBBS will move towards that goal.
  • Reply to: Austin Fernando resigns   4 months 1 week ago
    A respected but harassed CIVIL SERVANT – He came to do a job BUT Interference cut him short.
  • Reply to: No strategic aims in H’tota Port project   4 months 1 week ago
    The people of this country are not fools though the politicians are OR pretend to be. Any child can see that these Chinese got SL into a debt trap. We are not the only country this has happened. Once they get in gradually they will intimidate us to agree to their terms ultimately losing the post & the 15,000 acres of land. Chinese are highly worried since the Japanese are getting involved in projects & even offered to give funds at 0.1% rate to pay off Chinese loans. That's why we see hightened lobbying by the Chinese since of late. People , rise up now before it's too late & we become a colony of China.
  • Reply to: Vijayakala resigns   4 months 1 week ago
    Responsibility with price. Speeches of all kinds uttered in society politicians priests monks public media. Dociety is always vulnerable statements even by elected leaders. Power law favours dome not many