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Govt. ready to accept Mahasangha’s solution to SAITM issue

Kiriella says GMOA should be flexible 

The Government is prepared to accept the solution to the SAITM problem proposed by the Mahasangha with due honour and it is hoped that the GMOA will be flexible enough to agree to the proposal to find a final solution, Higher Education and Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella said.

Kiriella said the GMOA sticked to the position that SAITM should be abolished and it would be futile if it came in for discussions clinging on to the same position.

Both parties to a dispute should change extreme positions and come to a central point in order to resolve it.

Kiriella said framing education policy was the duty and responsibility of the government rather than doctors or undergraduates.

Since the GMOA and a minor group of university dons were trying to disrupt the education of university students by encouraging them to launch demonstrations, he would request university students to first attend lectures so their the problem could be solved through discussions.


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We cannot come to a satisfactory solution unless the Minister of Higher Education who has personal family interest in continuing with SAITAM is kicked out. along with the Minister of Health.

They do not trust any of you. They have a good nose for politicians.

Can the people ,who have not entered a university even for a rain , solve the problem?

Minister Kiriella's governing policy is democratic and much appreciated. SLMC could inspect Rajarata and Eastern to show how superior the SAITM standards are. Now they have a free hospital full of patients too. Besides, SAITM now has had 2 further extra years of training more than their approved course. The purpose of the final training in internship is to iron out any deficiencies under strict supervision of consultants with practical hands on training as decision making doctors. GMOA has no authority over education except of their own members. Since GMOA cant submit to govt. it is good they bow the knee to Prelate Theras authority. Nevertheless, a court verdict has already released justice and internship to SAITM MBBS.


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