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Mahanayake Theras urge President, Prime Minister to solve SAITM issue

The Chief Prelates have urged the President and the Prime Minister to resolve the issue surrounding the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) with a solution acceptable to all stakeholders.

The Mahanayake Theras of the three main Buddhist chapters have forwarded a letter to the President and the Prime Minister yesterday urging them to come up with a solution acceptable to all. The letter has been signed by the Chief Prelate of the Malwatte Chapter, Most Venerable Thibbatuwave Siddartha Sri Sumangala Thera, Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter Most Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thera, the Chief Prelate of the Amarapura Maha Nikaya, Most Ven Kotugoda Dhammawasa Thera and Chief Prelate of the Ramanna Maha Nikaya, Most Ven. Napane Pemasiri Thera.

The Mahanayaka Theras in their letter state that the SAITM issue has affected the country in a negative manner. The Mahanayake Theras go on to say that the SAITM issue has not only affected the medical education and the medical field of the country but has affected the day to day affairs of the general public as well. Therefore, the Mahanayake Theras state that a solution acceptable to all stakeholders should be arrived at without further delay.

SAITM became a highly controversial issue with various segments questioning its standards and legality in terms of its operations as the only private medical college in the country.

The Government has taken a number of efforts, including halting student admissions and degree awarding at the SAITM temporarily, introducing minimum standards for medical education and bring the Neville Fernando Hospital affiliated to SAITM under state control. 


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Can any solution be acceptable to SAITM except for MBBS graduates to go into internship and be able to practice in Sri Lanka which becomes illegal without SLMC registration willfully withheld maliciously. This solution of justice was given on 31st January 2017, but rebellious Karl Marx SLMC will not align with democratic govt. though SLMC is a govt. body. They shout "minimum standards" without inspecting SAITM over the last 2 years violating the Medical Ordinance. SLMC insanity can only be corrected by reporting it to GMC UK asking for an inquiry team why the law of the land is not carried out. Rioters must be made to stop. SAITM must receive justice in internship as SLMC duplicity allows low standard Rajarata and Eastern MBBS

Insane SLMC Deans unable discipline their own students are manipulating Chief Prelates unable discipline their own sangha, to pressure govt. to bring new laws with their "illegal proposals called solutions" when SAITM is still under the legal framework under which it registered and gave MBBS degrees. New laws don't apply to these SAITM MBBS. Now they must complete internship training to iron out deficiencies like for all other MBBS, and then be registered with an honest, unbiased and just SLMC of integrity to practice in SL. They have the legality to exist, though jealous Deans are against it with intent to harass. We say "give way"

We always respect the Mahanayake theros. The letter sent to the president and priminister was not a request to abolish saitm but to give a solution which could be accepted by all the parties. If someone expect to abolish legal saitm just because of this letter, it is mere illusion. Please do not put mahanayake theros in to unnecessasary inconvenience by fabricating stories in media demonstrations. All the parents do have the right to educate their children. Saitm parents do not object government medical students education. Why do the government medical student parents object Saitm students education. Why do not send your children to universities. Do you wait until Saitm students education is sabotaged? This is the truth. The answer is with the government medical students parents hand. YOu HAVE NO OBJECTION by any party to send your children to university. Send them for lectures rather than trying to haress Saitm students.

The Mahanayakes should know the simple fact that no solution can satisfy everyone. There is only one practical solution i.e. nationalise SAITM and guarantee the opportunity for every student of SAITM irrespective or minimum standards to complete their medical education. The nationalised SAITM should be attached to either Colombo or Moratuwa University.


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