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GMOA ruining future of medical students: Kiriella

The future of the medical students are being destroyed by some doctors of the GMOA and some university lecturers, by forcing them to boycott their lectures which is a grave sin, said Minister of Higher Education and Highways, Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella. He further said that they cannot escape from that sin and they have to face it.

The development work of the Hiripitiya, Aluthgama, kalawana road in Hiriyala, Ganewatta Divisional Secretariat in the Kurunagala district commenced yesterday. Addressing a meeting at Hiriyala, Minister Kiriella said a large sum of valuable foreign exchange is being sent to foreign countries by Sri Lankan institutions on foreign education for Sri Lankan students. For example, Rs. 7,000 Billion has been sent to foreign countries by 28 Sri Lankan Institutions last year.

What the present government wants is to save this money and arrange all educational facilities

for our students within Sri Lanka. The Government has already decided to open three indigenous medical colleges in Ratnapura, Moratuwa and in the North Western province.

It was decided to open another three medical colleges within a period of two years.

Free education which was introduced to Sri Lanka by Dr. C.W.W Kannangara under the UNP

administration will be strengthened. The government will do what ever possible for the benefit of Sri Lankan students, Minister Kiriella said.

Explaining the present situation of the Central Expressway Minister Kiriella said that it was a

highly needed long-standing dream of the country people. The Mahinda Rajapaksa government treated the upcountry people in a step motherly fashion and they only did every thing for the Southern province. They introduced Express ways, Airports, Ports and all types of development projects to the Southern Province and as a result of these short sighted policies, the other

provinces, especially the upcountry was neglected and have suffered.

The policy of the present government however, is to develop all parts of the Island and the whole world is willingly to support Sri Lanka for its development projects due to the far-sighted foreign policy of the government.

Further, the minister said that the construction work of the Central Express way had commenced and by the end of 2019, people can reach Kandy within one hour or one and a half hours as a result of the express way.

“The land value of the surrounding areas had increased by 50 to 60 percent. I have no doubt that many foreign tourists will visit Kandy and other sacred cities such as Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa Dabulla, Kurunagal and Sigiriya.

The Central Express way will immensely benefit the Buddhist and other religious devotees so they could reach the sacred Dalada Maligawa in a short time, Minister Luxman Kiriella said.


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If money goes to other countries , make more buildings for university and take more students to learn. UGca is mafia. Where. Can intake 600 student , they take 160 . This is just example. Any bull can be a minister, but it won't be a solution to the education. Are you a minister for the country or minister for the SAITAM ? That's my question

Any idiot will know that most people in SriLanka does not want to send their kids to government unis because of the JVP poking their fingers into everything and the students are on roads more than attending lectures. So the only way to stop money going out of the country is to have more private medical schools. Think about the country without being selfish.

It is sad that we have a lot of crooks in the government uni with island mentality. Paid universities are everywhere in the world. It is an illusion of you to destroy saitm without facts . If you are not crazy, give right facts and prove them. Mere shouting and token strikes do not change anything.

Buildings do not make aman a graduate or professional. Need qualified educators good library laboratories research ambitions from educators no interference from politicians religious maniacs.honest ambitious studious students must occupy those buildings

Hon. Minister Kiriella hit the nail on the head. This is not SAITM issue but "GMOA ISSUE" Craving for power to create their own mythical financial utopia, to destroy any citizen's ability for education even with hard earned finances, sadly the Medical Council bowed the knee to a terrorist group, and got a verdict of "violation of medical ordinance" SLMC has now gone rabid with a vengeance denying justice to SAITM to complete their legal training as a constitutional right.


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