GMOA, IUSF, other trade unions to launch Anti-SAITM strike tomorrow | Daily News

GMOA, IUSF, other trade unions to launch Anti-SAITM strike tomorrow


The Government Medical Association (GMOA) together with Inter University Student’s Federation (IUSF), health, education and other trade unions will launch a 24-hour Anti-SAITM token strike at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

GMOA Secretary Dr. Navin de Zoysa told Daily News Online that the strike is in protest of government’s failure to provide an acceptable response to demands against the SAITM. 

He also said  the attempt to establish the Accreditation Council (AC) reducing the powers of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) and not providing a favourable solution to students who have been protesting against the SAITM outside campus for the past few months, were reasons for their protest. 


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The general public must get on the streets and protest against the GMOA and the doctors who strike only to keep their earnings swelled. How many of these rascals do free service for the masses? They rip the masses off through private practice. Therefore this far cry about SAITM and its impacts on the general masses is all nonsense. The other idiotic unions are on a suicidal blind leading the blind mission

These misarable people are in action again. Poor patients of this country are being subject to ransome. the government is quiet. What shall we do.!!!!

I have a big question to be forwarded to the medical mafia and akala carlo. They are so much worried about the quality of private medical college passed out few students who faced a proper exam conducted by university lecturers and qualified as doctors. There are around 40 000 (forty thousand) quacks practicing as' hora dostara ' in Sri Lanka. If these people are worried about the health of the public in Sri Lanka, why do not bother about them. May be because they do not come to get government appointments.

These crooks should be shot by some paatriotic person while doing the protest. If one or two of these crooks are shot and killed then the other will shut up and let SAITEM CONTINUE . All this is because these crooks of the GMOA are frightened that their private practice will diminish. Therefore we request the Health Minister to bring in legislation to ban all private practice being done by Government doctors.Secondly as we are suffering anyway and out tax money is spent on these useless crooks, it is suggested that all these GMOA doctors are considered as having vacated theri post and the stupid IUSF also bannded , sacked and new batches taken to fill the gaps. Let all the GMOA doctors languish in hell because even if they are in service drawing our money as salaries they do not serve us. So we will suffer without them so that at least our money is saved to pay even foreign doctors if the need arise. This is th time I feel Gota shoulnhave been on his seat to teach these crooks a good lesson

I totally agree with Thila. It is gone long enough creating havoc in the country. As doctors are not working it is best to bring in armed forces doctors and foreign doctors to run the govt. hospitals. If local doctors turn violent then punish them by getting the people who are in dire straits due to the protests.

Psychiatric evaluation is needed before GMOA is allowed to treat patients again. These multiple personality schitzos. need to be sedated and locked up with "Thenu" Chinese food till they get their focus in balance. What else to be done with desperate insane medical mafia threatening the judges. Lunacy is rampant.

Carlo rode high thinking GMOA was powerful god and fell flat jobless and condemned through court. Money lures like god but is not. All trade unions joined to GMOA will meet with same fate. Use brains not GMOA.

The way the poor patients suffered during the past nine months due to gmoa and iusf protests is more than enough now . We have zero tolerance anymore. If they try to strike again on this issue we have medicine to treat them in public for this madness. Be careful medical mafia about the public openion.!!!!

You are shameless GOMA rascals. See the public comments on your idiot medical mafia. Some say you should be shoted in public. Some innocent patients said you should be attacked by 'boowalla', some patients said you deserve a kick on your back whereas some cursed thunder on you.!!!! It is worth you all come in front of media without clothes if you continue your trade union thugsry anymore. Doing any mean act to collect money from innocent patients.


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