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Ryan Jayalath remanded

Forcible entry into Health Ministry premises :

Medical Faculty Students’ Action Committee Convener Ryan Jayalath who surrendered to Court on charges of causing damages to public property by forcibly entering the premises of the Ministry of Health during an anti-SAITM protest was yesterday ordered to be remanded till August 23 by Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court.

Several police teams had been deployed to arrest Ryan Jayalath for forcibly entering the Health Ministry premises on June 21 and damaging its property amounting to Rs.1.5 million. The Court has also issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspect for evading courts.

Ryan Jayalath surrendered to Court through a lawyer yesterday (18) morning and he was remanded till August 23 after being produced before Maligakanda Additional Magistrate Manjula Ratnayake.

The suspect was charged under the Public Property Act.

The Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court had also issued a warrant for arrest of Ryan Jayalath for his failure to appear before court regarding a case filed by Kollupitiya police.

The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) had also initiated an investigation into an incident where a group of police officers had been obstructed by several individuals during the attempted arrest of Medical Faculty Students’ Action Committee Convener Ryan Jayalath on July 20.




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Looking at this thug he is not fit to be a doctor anyway. Not shaven , ill groomed and having a thughsh look does not in anyway earns the respect and onfidence of any patient. His behaviour and his paid activities by politicians has brough in untold hardships and frustrations to the thousands of students who are forced to take part in demonstrations without allowing them to continue their studies and pass out as respected doctors. We do not want thugs and hooligans as doctors to treat us whethr no or in the future. Therefore this type of leader should be behind bars for a very very long time so that we the people can get on with our lives and those who want to persue their meical education too can do so without threats and intimidation.Looking at his eye balls he projects a disturbed personality laced with hatered and such people are not fit to be doctors.He should be in jail for at least 10 years and we the people are well off without characters like him in our lives specially when it comes to medical treatment.

Psychiatrist must pronounce him fit to be outside Mulleriyawa long stay hospital. He should never be licensed by SLMC to treat patients and put their lives in danger. So much mind control, it is doubtful whether rehabilitation and even normal living is possible. Importance of imprisoning illegal funders.


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